Feature Match Round Thirteen - Jacob Janoska vs Michael Krumb

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By Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn

Jacob "Danger" Janoska is a Milwaukee-area Magic staple who took time off this past year to finish school and work. After qualifying for Nationals in 2000 after being a finalist in the Midwest Regional, Jake decided to take some time off and focus on studies.

Mike Krumb is a little-known player (unless you play 5-Color) from a small Illinois city, east of Chicago. He was also the top Amateur Player coming into the final round and looks to cash in big with the GP circuit paying out to those with no lifetime Pro Points.

The match started on a light note, and was played with a friendly enthusiasm throughout. Krumb and "Danger" talked about the 5-Color tournament that was held yesterday at the site, in which they both played.

Game 1

The first game got off quickly as Janoska's second-turn Verdict was Disrupted by Krumb. The early tempo was evened when on the following turn, Janoska Vindicated Krumb's Coastal Tower. Mike Krumb was playing the Stars and Stripes with Lightning Angel, Fact or Fiction, and a host of "bears" like Meddling Mage and Goblin Legionnaire. "Danger" was playing B/W/u and started the game with some offense in the form of a Spectral Lynx. Meddling Mage for "Dromar's Charm" followed on Krumb's side.

The two creatures trade hits, and Mike makes a Galina's Knight. Janoska tries to get an early Desolation Angel with kicker, but Krumb taps THREE pain lands to break even on the Absorb. Another Galina's Knight comes to bat for Krumb and another Fact or Fiction resolves showing two Meddling Mages, a Plains, an Absorb, and a Legionnaire. Krumb gets a Mage, the Plains, and the counter, but Janoska Routs at the end of his own turn.

On his own turn Krumb comes back with Lightning Angel, and "Danger" tries another Desolation Angel, which also gets Absorbed. Krumb drops another Lightning Angel, and after a draw, that's lights out for Janoska.

Krumb 1, Janoska 0

Game 2

Between games the friendly banter continues, guessing each other's sideboarded cards.

Mike's opening hand is not satisfactory, and mulligans. Jake is playing first this game, and hopes that his early discard resolves, setting the tempo for the rest of the game. Krumb runs the six-card hand, and play is slow for the first couple of turns, Krumb only playing Islands. Spectral Lynx is down on turn three for Janoska, and looks to start hitting early and often.

Krumb hits a crucial turn-four land drop with a Shivan Reef, giving him all three colors now. Jake just attacks and passes the turn, with a counter and a Fact or Fiction in his grip. The FoF gets Disrupted twice, and Lynx hits to put Krumb to twelve. Mike then tries to stop the bleeding with a Lightning Angel, but that gets Absorbed by Janoska.

Krumb, now at 9 life casts a Mage naming Desolation Angel. Lynx knocks him to 7, and the Mage gets Hobbled. Another Angel gets cast, and this one resolves, and Mike goes to 6 with Janoska at a lofty 17. The Angel gets Hobbled as well, and Jake also makes another Lynx. Krumb's hand isn't looking good; two Gainsays and a Rage won't be able to stop the incoming Lynxes for long. Mike plays Prophetic Bolt into a Mage and casts it naming "Vindicate." The following turn, Janoska gets off a Verdict and Krumb discards Gainsay and Legionnaire.

Krumb, forced to block, tosses away the Mage on Vindicate, opting to leave the Hobbled one in play. The game is finally over after Mike drew too many counters with Danger playing no spells.

Krumb 1, Janoska 1

To end the game, Jake gleefully pushed his Lynxes into Krumb's permanents and they shared a laugh. "Nobody has more style than Jacob Danger," commented onlooker and fellow 5-color player, Adrian Sullivan.

Game 3

Krumb plays first and drops a Legionnaire on turn two, and after it attacked on turn three, a Meddling Mage gets Gainsayed by Janoska. Hobble kills the Goblin, and Krumb tries to get some more offense going with a Meddling Mage naming "Dromar's Charm." Krumb misses that land drop and it didn't go unnoticed by Jake who Vindicated his Coastal Tower. Verdict hits Krumb the following turn and he discards Rage and Absorb. "Lashknife Barrier?!" Jake exclaims as Mike casts the cantrip enchantment, "you've got to be joking!"

"Danger" still salty about the Barrier, Krumb begins some friendly, "I'm terrible at Magic" with a grin on his face. Janoska begins to get excited, pounding on the deck and summons the Desolation Angel and that ends the match a short time later. "Oh man, how lucky," Krumb slumps, "I can't believe you had it."

Mike Krumb gets to go home with a nice payday and said that he looks forward to going to New Orleans.

Final Result: Jacob Janoska moves on to the top 8, and may be back to Magic for good. Now, if only he'll give in and move to Madison.

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