Feature Match Round Thirteen - Lee Curtis vs Jamie Woodward

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By Dave Jafari

Each player is 9-2-1 and is playing for the predicted Top 8 cutoff; 31 points. Lee is playing Liquid Tempo and has dropped two straight since his last feature match. Jamie is playing the same deck.

Game 1

Lee started off the last match of the swiss but was forced to paris mulligan his first hand. Jamie decided to paris as well, looking at six land and a Disrupt in his opening hand; still, his spirits weren't dampened as he was excited about the fact that he had parised an excellent poker hand, a full house. Obviously Jamie is a betting man, so he should feel comfortable with the top 8 on the line in the last round.

Lee dropped a second turn Gaea's Skyfolk to start off the damage race, the focal term in this face-off of tempo decks. Jamie managed to deal with the Skyfolk and trade his Blurred Mongoose for his opponent's Mongoose, but he had nothing proactive to take advantage of the empty board and could only watch as Lee dropped two more Mongeese over the course of the next two turns, continually keeping mana open to utilize Mystic Snake. Jamie dropped yet another Mongoose in the way, but one of Lee's men still managed to deal damage.

Jamie was under significant pressure after his Penumbra Bobcat was countered by a Mystic Snake. The tempo was definitely in the favor of Lee at this point, who had knocked Jamie down to 10. Jamie tried to generate some blockers, including a kicked Kavu Titan and a Flametongue Kavu, but a Prophetic Bolt and a last ditch attack from Lee put Jamie at a lowly one life. Lee peeled an Urza's Rage on the next turn to finish off Jamie.

Lee Curtis 1 - Jamie Woodward 0

Game 2

Jamie elected to start this game and watched as Lee took yet another paris mulligan; Jamie kept his second hand. Lee cast a second turn Ice on one of Jamie's land hoping to both cycle the card and slow his opponent down, but the attempt failed on the brunt end of a Disrupt. Lee missed his third land drop tried to Ice a land in Jamie's upkeep again, but the second attempt was met with a second Disrupt.

Jamie was able to take advantage of Lee's situation to drop a pair of creatures which put him far ahead in the damage race. With all of Jamie's land untapped on Lee's turn and with two creatures on Jamie's side of the table, Jamie had complete domination of the game. Lee's attempt at casting a Gaea's Skyfolk was met with Jamie's Gainsay. By the time Lee was able to start slowing down Jamie's creatures, Jamie had two Prophetic Bolts to burn Lee out.

Lee Curtis 1 - Jamie Woodward 1

Game 3

Jamie took some time at the beginning of this game deciding if he wanted to mulligan because he lacked any bears in his opening hand which is usually a crucial factor in the tempo mirror matchup.

Jamie's Penumbra Bobcat was no match for Lee's three Blurred Mongeese and Kavu Titan in the opening stages of the game, but Jamie was able to rebound by dropping a second Penumbra Kavu and a Blurred Mongoose. Lee cast a Fire on Jamie's second Penumbra Bobcat and the token from his first one to open the way for his bear-swarm. By the time Jamie had the creature advantage, with a kicked Kavu Titan, he was already at six life.

It became rapidly apparent that Jamie was going to be able to hold off the ground with his third Penumbra Bobcat and a Kavu Titan. Still, time was of the essense as Lee was getting to the five-mana threshold that he needed to start threatening Jamie with Prophetic Bolt. The fifth land was not of consequence, however, as Lee had an Urza's Rage and a Fire, and Jamie had already taken an additional point from one of his painlands.

Final Result: Lee Curtis 2 - Jamie Woodward 1

Even though the Top 8 was on the line during the match, I'd like to note that this fact did not prevent either player from having a great deal of fun; furthermore, each player exhibited excellent sportsmanship.

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