Feature: Modern Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on November 19, 2011

By Rashad Miller

Day Three of Worlds rolled around and Modern was the format. Let's take a look at the more popular archetypes.

Archetype Number %
Zoo 92 28.31%
Splinter Twin 49 15.08%
Affinity 29 8.92%
Mystical Teachings 16 4.92%
Gifts Ungiven 13 4.00%
UR Storm 12 3.69%
Burn 11 3.38%
Death Cloud 11 3.38%
Jund 11 3.38%
Melira Combo 8 2.46%
Next Level Blue 8 2.46%
4c Control 6 1.85%
Ad Nauseam 6 1.85%
Doran 5 1.54%
Grixis Control 5 1.54%
Pyromancer Ascension 5 1.54%
Bant Aggro 4 1.23%
Barely Boros 4 1.23%
Small Pox 4 1.23%
UW Tron 3 0.92%
UW Control 3 0.92%
Living End 2 0.62%
Martyr of Sands 2 0.62%
UB Control 2 0.62%
Fair FIght Faeries 2 0.62%
UR Delver 2 0.62%
Bant Control 1 0.31%
Elves 1 0.31%
Infect 1 0.31%
Junk 1 0.31%
Kavu Predator Aggro 1 0.31%
Snow White 1 0.31%
Soul Sisters 1 0.31%
Through the Breach 1 0.31%
UR Faeries 1 0.31%
Uwr Control 1 0.31%

Coming in first was Zoo with an overwhelming 92 decks. There was no denying the power of turn-one Wild Nacatl as this turned out to be the go-to deck for most competitors. Many lists further improved on the Bant Charm splashes from Pro Tour Philadelphia with the inclusion of the ever-popular Snapcaster Mage.

Forty-nine players were convinced that Splinter Twin was the deck to play. This two-card combo was hardly affected by the recent Modern bannings and we could see Deceiver Exarch and Pestermite tokens in overwhelming numbers. Literally.

Affinity came in third with 29 players. Even without artifact lands, Arcbound Ravager and Cranial Plating were stealing games with the help of Fling.

Rounding out our top five were two...control decks? Teachings had 16 players and Gifts had 13 players. The recent bannings helped remove turn-three and turn-four wins in aggro and control decks. Would that be enough to allow a control deck to flourish?

This was only five of the 35 archetypes seen on Saturday. Modern was showing itself to be very wide open, even in these early stages of the format. Will a new deck emerge as the deck to beat? We would find out at day's end on Saturday.

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