Feature: Modern Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on October 20, 2012

By Ray Walkinshaw

When Yuuya Watanabe was forced to find room in his carry-on luggage for a good five to six pounds of trophy after the Players Championships, it was largely thanks to his trusty Jund deck. And it looks like people were taking notes.

Nearly a third of the day one field were flipping free cards off the top of their deck with Bloodbraid Elves this weekend. Jund was a hugely successful deck when it was Standard legal, and it's continuing to be just as popular in Modern. Bolstered by even better mana, more threatening creatures like Tarmogoyf, Dark Confidant, and Kitchen Finks, and even replacing the much feared Blightning with more pinpoint discard, like Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize.

Jund decks look to establish a quick clock, while messing with anything and everything their opponent wants to do. As we move into Day Two, Jund now makes up slightly less than 30% of the field, but is still far and away the most popular deck of the weekend.

Coming in a distant second in the popularity stakes, The Deck Formerly Known as Affinity, now often referred to as Robots (due to it having no actual Affinity cards). Robots increased their share of the field slightly between Day One and Two, their cheap and effective artifact creatures making short work of opponents who dared oppose them.

Ancient Grudge has been a popular sideboard card in many decks, but the Robots can't be bargained with. They can't be reasoned with. They don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until their controller is chalking up a 'w'. Or maybe until someone casts Shatterstorm, another card that has been seeing play since the Robot Uprising of the late 90's.

After that, Blue-White Control decks made up around 8% of the field both Day One and Two. But this isn't really the Blue-White Control decks your Granddaddy played. These days, creatures are just way too good, so you'll often see Blue-White Control players flashing Snapcaster Mages and Restoration Angels into play to squeeze additional value out their Counterspells and Kitchen Finks, and thankfully, allowing them to finish games well before their ancestors were known to.

The rest of the field was shared reasonably evenly between Kiki-Jiki Combo, Green-Blue Scapeshift, Blue-Red Storm, Delver, and Infect decks, with a bunch of interesting stragglers filling out the corners.

What will our Top 8 look like? It's probably safe to say there'll be a Jund deck, or two, but we'll have to wait for the dust to clear to see just who will be stepping up to face them.

Deck TypeDay OneDay One PercentageDay TwoDay Two Percentage
UW Control328.35%208.19%
Kiki-Jiki Combo184.69%156.15%
UWR Delver184.69%114.51%
GU Scapeshift174.43%135.33%
UR Storm174.43%124.92%
GR Tron92.34%72.87%
Second Breakfast82.09%31.23%
Eternal Command51.31%31.23%
GWB Junk51.31%31.23%
Splinter Twin51.31%31.23%
Nivmagus Combo41.04%31.23%
Soul Sisters41.04%31.23%
WB Tokens41.04%20.82%
Gifts Control30.78%31.23%
RB Burn30.78%20.82%
BG Zombie30.78%10.40%
Jund Dredgevine30.78%10.40%
RUG Delver20.52%20.82%
BRW Zombies20.52%10.40%
Grixis Reanimator20.52%10.40%
Hive Mind20.52%10.40%
Naya Aggro20.52%10.40%
UR Control20.52%10.40%
Living End20.52%00.00%
Mono Red Burn10.26%10.40%
Mono Red Highlander10.26%10.40%
RUG Control10.26%10.40%
RUG Through the Breach10.26%10.40%
UB Control10.26%10.40%
UR Delver10.26%10.40%
UR Fairies10.26%10.40%
4 color Delver10.26%00.00%
4 Color Jund10.26%00.00%
BUG Control10.26%00.00%
BW Zombies10.26%00.00%
Mono Black Control10.26%00.00%
Mono Blue Faeries10.26%00.00%
RUG Aggro Control10.26%00.00%
Wargate Scapeshift10.26%00.00%

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