Feature: Multiple Jeopardy

Posted in Event Coverage on July 29, 2006

By Doug Beyer

Senior creative designer on Magic's creative team and lover of writing and worldbuilding. Doug blogs about Magic flavor and story at http://dougbeyermtg.tumblr.com/

Triple-Coldsnap draft is a delicate art. As Coldsnap was designed with that CCC format in mind, many spells get better the more of them you have. However, if you commit to a plan to collect those "collect me" cards, you might hear the ice cracking under you if other drafters have the same plan and the cards spread evenly around the table.

U.S. Nationals competitors throughout the Cobb Galleria tested their skills on this very dilemma Saturday. Our competitors' picks at Table One were recorded for the Draft Viewer-check there for a full run-down of our featured table. Here we hit the highlights of who grabbed "collect me" cards in multiples, and who's just in multiple jeopardy.

Feel the Surge

Ripple early, Coldsnap drafters, and ripple often. Luis Scott-Vargas heeded the motto when he drafted four Surging Flame-a difficult feat for a spell that's so good on its own. Even more amazing, he did it while fighting Owen Turtenwald, who managed to draft three of them, Billy Moreno, who had two, and Gabe Walls, who found one as well! Even with ten Surging Flames going around, every red drafter wanted more.

Surging Flame

There was less fighting over the other Surgers; Ken Nowell ended up with four late-pick Surging Dementias, while Gabe Walls picked up a set of three Surging Aethers. Surging Mights were divided between Paul Cheon and Ken Nowell at two and two. Surging Sentinels all but sat out this draft; that's random boosters for you.

Collection Agency

The ripple spells might be the flashiest mechanic to catch the collector's eye, but the feature-table drafters based plans around other cards as well. Ben Zoz second-picked a Krovikan Mist in Pack 1 and found four more-all the Mists at the table-by the time the draft was done. Billy Moreno tried a moo-cow plan by first-picking Aurochs Herd-the arctic bovine that keeps on giving-in both Packs 1 and 3, but found only a Bull Aurochs to search up with them. Other Herds wound up in the hands of Gabe Walls and Paul Cheon.

Ken Nowell went to Kindletown with three of a possible four Feast of Flesh and a pair of Sound the Call that could have been four if others hadn't dropped them in their piles. Paul Cheon had three Rune Snag but looked unlikely to play them alongside his other green-red-black picks.

We saw nothing too ridiculous-just solid draft decks for these experienced drafters. Check more coverage later Saturday for stories of record-breaking Coldsnap collections and highlights of the matches.

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