Feature: National Team Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on November 19, 2011

By Rashad Miller

Saturday morning saw the conclusion of the four National Team rounds here at the 2011 World Championships. Here's a look at how the field broke down across the Standard, Modern, and Legacy metagames.

In Standard, we saw that the top five archetypes from the team events were the same five archetypes from the Standard rounds at Worlds. Green-white Tokens, Wolf Run Ramp, Illusions Mono Red and Solar Flare remained the favorites.

In the post-banning Modern we still saw some familiar decks. The top two archetypes, Zoo and Splinter Twin, were the two highest finishers from Pro Tour Philadelphia. Affinity and Blue-red Storm decks came in at third and fourth, both which also made appearances on that same Sunday in Philadelphia.

The breakdown of the Legacy decks showed the least diversity as two of the thirteen archetypes comprised of more than 65% of the field. Stoneforge Mystic decks led that charge once again proving the power of the turn-three Batterskull. The recently revived RUG Fish lists showed what happens when you combine the large number of inexpensive instants and sorceries that Legacy has to offer with Delver of Secrets, Grim Lavamancer and Tarmogoyf.

Standard Number% ModernNumber% LegacyNumber%
GW Tokens819.51% Zoo921.95% RUG1331.71%
Wolf Run614.63% Splinter Twin819.51% UW Stoneforge1434.15%
Illusions512.20% Affinity512.20% Ad Nauseam24.88%
Mono Red512.20% UR Storm37.32% Dredge24.88%
Solar Flare37.32% GB Death Cloud24.88% Maverick24.88%
UB Control37.32% Jund24.88% BUG12.44%
UW Control37.32% 4c Green12.44% Doomsday12.44%
Tempered Steel24.88% Ad Nauseam12.44% Elves12.44%
UW Humans24.88% Burn12.44% Goblins12.44%
UW Tokens24.88% Doran12.44% High Tide12.44%
Esper Control12.44% Eggs12.44% Lands12.44%
UR Delver12.44% GB Small Pox12.44% Merfolk12.44%
Gifts Ungiven12.44% Show and Tell12.44%
Grixis Control12.44%
Melira Combo12.44%
Mono Black Infect12.44%
UB Control12.44%
UW Control12.44%

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