Feature: Pack Draft Wrap-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on May 11, 2004

By Scott Johns

So after all the talk about Apocalypse, Torment, and Planeshift, which three players managed to go 3-0 against many of the best the world has to offer and what did they draft? Let's take a look:

Mathias Jorstedt: SCG SCG SCG DST 7ED
Bob Maher: IN IN IN 7ED 7ED
Zvi Mowshowitz: JUD JUD JUD JUD 8ED

Like so many other crazy Invitational formats, throw out anything you knew about Magic because not one of the buzz sets landed a single pack in any of these players' decks. But there's logic to this madness. Note that each of these players has at least 3 of one set, making for card pools that are more likely to work together as a whole. Intentionally or not, all three players managed to draft quite deep into one set by avoiding the sets all the other players were jumping on.

Mattias Jorstedt

Despite a creature-base that includes the less-than-stellar Goblin Elite Infantry this deck has an otherwise good set of beaters. Unfortunately for his opponents, the rest of the deck is nuts, as Jorstedt's spell-base is simply incredible. Take a look at this monster:

Mattias Jorstedt Pack Draft 3-0

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Bob Maher

Maher's deck isn't quite as ridiculous, but it sports a very aggressive set of beatdown creatures and a good set of spells to help keep the opponent down long enough for his guys to finish the job. Even his mediocre cards had a chance to shine today, as Round 3 against Jens saw Maher cast turn 3 Turf Wound and turn 4 Rooting Kavu, followed by a turn 5 Stone Rain.

Bob Maher Pack Draft 3-0

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Zvi Mowshowitz

Perhaps the best story of the format was Zvi, who drafted almost all of the Judgment packs available and was rewarded with exactly the kind of Green/White beatdown machine he was hoping for. This strategy had many people joking about Zvi's famed "white gambit" from Pro Tour Nice, a draft event where he went so far as to wear a white shirt with a picture of Teroh's Faithful on it in an attempt to get other drafters to leave him the white cards. It worked out better for Zvi this time around. Perhaps the craziest part of this story is that Zvi left out Mirari's Wake, a card that is absolutely amazing in this deck. What happened? He did a sort in Magic Online for green and white cards and didn't realize it got left out since it was a gold card. He brought the bomb in for all his sideboard games but never managed to draw it. Just as well he went undefeated, as it may have been a very tough loss to take knowing he'd left such an incredible card in his sideboard.

Zvi Mowshowitz Pack Draft 3-0

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