Feature: Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Photo Essay

Posted in Event Coverage on May 12, 2012

By Craig Gibson and Josh Bennett

Glorious Barcelona welcomes all to her fair streets.
A city of history and beauty...
... of majesty and mystery...
... of hams beyond imagination.
Or, if that's not your thing, how about exquisite gelato?
At the heart of Placa d'Espana, the Pro Tour boasts its presence.
The hall is rigged to the nines to bring you the best in live Magic all weekend long. Here the Feature Match area awaits its gladiators.
Brian David-Marshall and Rich Hagon man the news desk, looking so professional it beggars belief.
Here, you can see the Big Board. It's okay, you're allowed.
Zac Hill and Sheldon Menery bring you play-by-play action from a practical-joke-sized booth.
Thanks to our tireless workers, the many moving parts converge in a single live video experience.
The Pro Tour brings out many emotions. Here, Josh Cho of Team SCG Blue shows us unabashed joy. (Bonus emotion: Jealousy from Antonino De Rosa)
Headline: "Life-Size Statue of David Ochoa Mistaken for David Ochoa"
Hall of Famer Raphael Levy playing the role of sinister stranger.
Pro Tour Emotion #41: Childlike Glee with Vincent Lemoine.
The Pro Tour forges the soul of another young miser.
Christian Calcano just wants to be loved. He's still working out the details.
Japan's Yuuya Watanabe is all focus as he tries to lock up the Captaincy of Team Japan for the World Magic Cup.
Antonino De Rosa takes a break from his match with Matthias Hunt to go over some "hypothetical" situations with the Judge.
Team SCG Black. 3 Hall of Famers. No big deal.
As a player, it must be hard to see this and not think to yourself, "Well why did I even bother showing up?"
As the cut to Top 8 approaches, coverage staff tear into each round's standings like kids with Christmas presents.
Caught on film: A tense moment between fashion rivals Rashad Miller and Nick Fang.
He came with the venue, and no-one had the heart to get rid of him.
Content Specialist and Editor-in-Chief of DailyMTG.com Trick Jarrett takes care of business.
Just a taste of how crazy things can get in this format. Anyone for a little Magic: The Puzzling?
And last but never least, our diligent Judges, without whom none of this would be possible.

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