Feature: The Rogues of Day 2

Posted in Event Coverage on October 29, 2005

By Noah Weil

Much has been said about how wide open the format is. Completely true, yet despite how many viable options there are, the Day Two decks seemed to fall into a number of camps. Dredgeatog, Burn/Jank, No Stick, and so on. They're all viable, all rather common.

Some players, however, decided to walk the road less traveled and come up with concoctions of their own. A very retooled Affinity deck, Stormscape Apprentices, and the wildest Bidding deck ever marks the most unusual decks that played Day Two.

Oliver Hauchard - Broodstar Old School Affinity

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This version of Affinity eschews Dark Confidant for some reason. More oddly, it comes sans Arcbound Ravager as well. What it gives up in speed, it makes up for raw power and gigantic card-advantage engines. Future Sight loves to flip up Frogmites and Myr Enforcers, ending in a huge Temporal Fissure.

Fun Fact: The average mana cost of the cards in this deck is 4.7. Who says Extended is fast?

Tiago Chan - Pedro's Madness

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I don't know who Pedro is, but his deck is nuts. Four colors can go aggro, combo, and control. Playing against Goblins? Ascetic + Worship. No Stick? Grab a Pithing Needle with Trinket Mage, than pick it up with your Ninjas, and do it again! Has the ground gotten gummed up? Go to the nugget with Stormscape Apprentice's black ability. It works in Invasion sealed, and it works in LA.

Fun Fact: This is the only deck at the Pro Tour that casts Kataki, War's Wage off of Ancient Den.

Greg Weiss - Elemental Bidding

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Greg Weiss piloted this surprisingly resilient deck to Day Two. While Bidding + fatties has been around since Onslaught, Ravnica's Flame-Kin Zealot was the card to allow both Elementals as the creature type of choice and a much, much faster win. Twilight's Call was the MVP that allowed Greg to win under Isochron Scepter with Orim's Chant. Apparently, nobody plays the kicker, which allows Greg to use Boseiju to play the game-winning eight-mana instant version of Twilight's Call. While this was a very solid choice going into the tournament, its growing publicity among competitors made it harder and harder for Mr. Weiss to sneak out wins. Still a very powerful deck.

Fun Fact: This was the only deck at the Pro Tour that could deal 20 damage on turn 2.

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