Feature: Team Constructed Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on August 18, 2012

By Nate Price

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So here's a quick look at the decks that each country had in the various formats for Stage 2:

Country Innistrad Block Constructed Standard Modern
Croatia Jund Infect RUG Delver
Finland UW Miracles UW Delver RUG Delver
Philippines Jund UW Delver Doran
Portugal Reanimator BR Zombies Affinity
Chinese Taipei Jund BR Zombies UW Tempo
Uruguay Jund Wolf Run Blue Jund
United States Jund Naya Pod RWU Delver
Hungary Jund Zombie Pod RWU Delver
Scotland Jund UW Delver Jund
Poland Jund BR Zombies RUG Delver
Estonia Jund Wolf Run Blue Aggro Loam
Slovenia Jund RG Ramp RWU Delver
Slovak Republic Jund Sun Titan UW RUG Delver
Ukraine Mono-Black Mono-Green Affinity
France Reanimator Naya Pod 4-Color Pod
Puerto Rico Jund UW Delver Affinity

As you can see from this, the Jund deck that made such a major splash at Grand Prix Anaheim earlier this year is still a menace in Innistrad Block Constructed. Riding strong on the backs of Falkenrath Aristocrats, the deck proved incredibly powerful over the course of the weekend, completely crushing the Boros decks that littered the field, conspicuously absent here.

Some of the other decks to have a heyday at that tournament are in representation here, including the Angel of Glory's Rise Reanimator deck. This deck uses Cathedral Sanctifier to keep the deck afloat until it can begin to do ridiculous things with Angel of Glory's Rise. One of the ridiculous things it can do involves a loop using Fiend Hunter to trap an Angel, a Falkenrath Aristocrat to sacrifice the Fiend Hunter, and potentially a Cathedral Sanctifier to gain life. The end result is an ever-growing Falkenrath Aristocrat that matches an ever-increasing life total. Once you're done looping, you can simply turn the Aristocrat sideways and kill your opponent.

Surprising me more than any other result from this was the diversity of the Standard format. Expecting UW Delver to be the elephant in the room, I was quite surprised that it only made up 25% of the field, which is a completely reasonable number. Standard also had the most surprising innovation, which was the Mono-Green Infect deck used by the Croatian team to dominate Standard on Day One. There was also a tweaked out Zombie deck featuring Birthing Pod as an enabler.

Finally, Modern saw most of the usual suspects returning to form. Various Delver builds, including RUG and RWU, were rampant throughout the field. It was refreshing to see the lists for France and Estonia, though. France brought a 4-Color Pod deck to the field, featuring an insanely large number of one-ofs. Estonia, on the other hand, brought an Aggro Loam deck, which has fallen in and out of favor in Modern and Legacy as the formats have matured.

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