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Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2005

By Event Coverage Staff

Congratulations to Kirk Dalton and his Green-black Rock deck! Dalton was the only player among the 176 at U.S. Nationals to pull off a perfect 7-0 record across the Constructed format. The Rock saw relatively little play across the field, with Tooth and Nail, Red Aggro and White Weenie making up more than 60% of the field.

Joining Kirk among the "undefeateds" in Constructed were Top 8 participants Michael Patnik, Antonino De Rosa, and Neil Reeves, although each of them had draws late on Saturday which kept them from being able to obtain perfect records.

Constructed: 7-0

Kirk Dalton

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Constructed: 5-0-2 overall

Michael Patnik

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Antonino De Rosa

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Constructed: 4-0-3 overall

Neil Reeves

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Constructed: Undefeated on Day One

Here is what the leaderboard looked like at the end of the first three rounds of Constructed, where
21 players had recorded perfect 3-0 records and two others had gone 2-0-1.

Mike Hall
Alex Lieberman
Patrick Sullivan
James Fulgium
Craig Krempels
Michael Patnik
Gerard Fabiano
Kirk Dalton
Matthew Reynolds
Joel Negron
John Cuvelier
Adam Chambers
Jonathan Sonne
Neil Reeves
Justin Drew
Steve Horowitz
Nicolas Cuenca
Colin Del Degan
David Sharfman
Aadil Qadir
Steven Zittrower
Christopher Manning (2-0-1)
Antonino De Rosa (2-0-1)


Booster Draft

No player went undefeated across both draft pods. However, 11 managed a 6-1 record and those names are listed below (in tiebreak order).

Ben Stark
Neil Reeves
Shaun Faber
Taylor Webb
Mike Thompson
Gerry Thompson
Morgan Douglass
Eugene Levin
Keith McLaughlin
Sean Mangner
Nam Tran

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