Final – Pierluigi Aceto vs. Nicola Landoni

Posted in Event Coverage on November 28, 2010

By Tobi Henke

Pierluigi Aceto

The Italians did it. They finally managed to eliminate all foreign intruders. Who would hoist the trophy after this last match of the long and grueling weekend was still to be decided, but one thing was already certain. This year's Italian Grand Prix would soon be won by an Italian player.

Aceto won the die-roll and went first, but Landoni had the first play with Vedalken Certarch. Both players had Myrs on their second turns, Aceto of the Ichorclaw variety, Gold Myr for Landoni. Ichorclaw Myr got in for one and Aceto summoned Cystbearer. Meanwhile, Landoni's deck really started rolling: he cast Riddlesmith and Silver Myr for even more extra mana and some extra card filtering.

The number of one-toughness creatures looked to become a liabilty, however, when Aceto cast Trigon of Corruption. But Landoni was ready to switch to tougher creatures at moment's notice; he made Kemba, Kha Regent and Bladed Pinions. The Trigon began its work on Landoni's creatures and, while the Cystbearer was repeatedly tapped by Vedalken Certarch, the Plague Stinger continued to spread its lethal infection. Kemba died to Grasp of Darkness, Soliton died to Sylvok Replica, and Landoni soon found himself with his back against the wall. Landoni needed answers, quickly, but all he got was more questions from Aceto. Ichorclaw Myr provided another threat and a hasty Blackcleave Goblin on the next turn sealed the deal.

Pierluigi Aceto 1 - 0 Nicola Landoni

Nicola Landoni

Both players mulliganed their opening seven and kept their six. Despite all probability, Aceto had no play on his second turn, while Landoni got off to an early lead with Riddlesmith followed by Perilous Myr. And even then, the best Aceto could do on his third was Vector Asp. The Asp blocked Riddlesmith which Landoni replaced with Ghalma's Warden.

For a moment there it seemed as if Aceto might actually have a shot at a comeback when he cast Sylvok Replica, but on turn five he once again went without any play at all. Plague Stinger was also not doing much to stabilize, as Ghalma's Warden and Perilous Myr attacked and attacked, and were joined by Sky-Eel School.

But then Aceto tapped seven lands, cast Heavy Arbalest, and attached it to his Plague Stinger. Landoni decided to hold back for the time being and just attacked with his Perilous Myr. This decision backfired, however, when Aceto topdecked Necropede and moved Heavy Arbalest over to that. With two infect creatures taking turns at using the Arbalest, all of a sudden, Landoni was in a losing position! As his creatures waned and vanished left and right like sand running through his fingers, he started a couple of more desperate all-in attacks but it was all too little, too late. The Arbalest shrank all of his creatures enough to render them irrelevant and continued to poison Landoni himself.

Pierluigi Aceto bested Nicola Landoni in two suspense-packed games to become the new champion of Grand Prix Florence. Congratulations!

Pierluigi Aceto 2 - 0 Nicola Landoni

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