Final – Ryan Young (BG) vs Fabien Li (UW)

Posted in Event Coverage on January 25, 2014

By Noel Neo

The finals of Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur pits Ryan Young of Taiwan against Fabien Li of Singapore in a nail biting finish of four consecutive top decks on both sides of the table.

Game 1

Erebos's Emissary started taking chunks out of Fabien's life total after bringing down Hundred-Handed One with Time to Feed. And a Leafcrown Dryad bestowed on the Emissary further increased the pressure on Fabien to find an answer.

Fabien was content to initially race with Wingsteed Rider and Leonin Snarecaster and slowed Ryan down with a combination of Voyage's End and Wavecrash Triton.

On the crucial turn and down to just 5 life, Fabien cash Dauntless Onslaught targeting his Rider and Triton, tapping the now Emissary bestowed Dryad and taking Fabien down to just 3 life. Fabien did not draw an answer and that was game.

Game 2

Fabien mulliganed twice but still managed to lead with Leonin Snarecaster, Meletis Charlatan and Chosen by Heliod. Ryan meanwhile was stuck early on triple swamp and had to Read the Bones into Nessian Asp.

Griptide and Voyage's End brought Ryan down to just 4 life before he was able to stick Erebos's Emissary. That was, however, enough to stabilise the board for Nessian Asp and Hythonia the Cruel to hit play (with seven lands).

With just two cards in hand, Fabien had little to lose and went all in with Heliod's Emissary betting that Ryan would not find his eighth mana.

The crowd caught its breathe for a second as Ryan drew... not a land. Nylea's Presence drew him another try, then Time to Feed on Meletis Charlatan brought his life total just 1 point out of reach.

It was now Fabien's turn to top deck and the crowd went wild as he drew and cast Leonin Snarecaster to lots of fist pumping.

But wait. Ryan was seriously doing the combat math. This is not the picture of someone about lose the game.

The cheers quieten... and Ryan reveals his trump of Pharika's Cure on a token to leave him at 3 life.

Still needs to draw a land though. As he calmly does and activates Hythonia with a flourish.

Out of the woods is not game in pocket though, as Fabien proved as he cast Celestial Archon to a crowd now holding its breath.

Ryan stoically untaps, draws, attacks, flashes in Boon Satyr on Hythonia and passes utterly pokerfaced.

Does he have an out? Hero's Downfall perhaps? The anticipation is at a fevered pitch now...

And Fabien attacks.

And Ryan extends his hand. **The crowd goes wild**

Fabien Li is the Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Champion!

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