Final Draft Packs

Posted in Event Coverage on March 23, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

The table was set with

2020: David Rood 2020: Steven Wolfman 2020: Elijah Pollock
PS2: Masahiko Morita PS2: Katsuhiro Mori PS2: Masashiro Kuroda
Katsuhiro Mori opened the first pack, and drafting went in this order: Mori, Morita, Rood, Wolfman, Pollock, Kuroda, Kuroda, Pollock, Wolfman, Rood, Morita, Mori, Mori, Morita, Rood.
2020: David Rood
Pack 1: Onslaught
2020: David Rood
Pack 2: Onslaught
2020: David Rood
Pack 3: Legions
Shock Syphon Soul Needleshot Gourna
Daru Lancer Snarling Undorak Voidmage Apprentice
Barren Moor Lonely Sandbar Vile Deacon
Gustcloak Runner Trickery Charm Flamewave Invoker
Wretched Anurid Spurred Wolverine Wall of Hope
Leery Fogbeast Defensive Maneuvers Echo Tracer
Aphetto Dredging Haunted Cadaver Hunter Sliver
Wirewood Savage Taunting Elf Macetail Hystrodon
Riptide Biologist Choking Tethers Starlight Invoker
Lavamancer's Skill Charging Slateback Dripping Dead
Foothill Guide Grassland Crusader Covert Operative
Voidmage Prodigy Kaboom! Elvish Soultiller
Boneknitter Dawning Purist Gempalm Strider
Searing Flesh Chain of Silence Aven Warhawk
Shieldmage Elder Chain of Smog Totem Speaker
2020: Steven Wolfman
Pack 1: Onslaught
2020: Steven Wolfman
Pack 2: Onslaught
2020: Steven Wolfman
Pack 3: Legions
Snarling Undorak Skirk Commando Smokespew Invoker
Lonely Sandbar Dive Bomber Voidmage Apprentice
Sparksmith Screeching Buzzard Aven Redeemer
Defensive Maneuvers Misery Charm Goblin Firebug
Wretched Anurid Elvish Pathcutter Vile Deacon
Elvish Guidance Spy Network Fugitive Wizard
Anurid Murkdiver Haunted Cadaver Gempalm Avenger
Birchlore Rangers Naturalize Goblin Lookout
Mistform Mask Mistform Wall Crypt Sliver
Lay Waste Battering Craghorn Shaleskin Plower
Battlefield Medic Daru Cavalier Glintwing Invoker
Bloodstained Mire Words of Wilding Celestial Gatekeeper
Thunder of Hooves Fleeting Aven Root Sliver
Chain of Vapor Run Wild Withered Wretch
Reckless One Riptide Chronologist Enormous Baloth
2020: Elijah Pollock
Pack 1: Onslaught
2020: Elijah Pollock
Pack 2: Onslaught
2020: Elijah Pollock
Pack 3: Legions
Defensive Maneuvers Barkhide Mauler Aven Redeemer
Barren Moor Mistform Dreamer Smokespew Invoker
Gustcloak Harrier Solar Blast Daru Sanctifier
Spitting Gourna Disciple of Malice Timberwatch Elf
Accursed Centaur Wirewood Pride Whipgrass Entangler
Elvish Guidance Information Dealer Shaleskin Plower
Trickery Charm Festering Goblin Glowering Rogon
Wirewood Savage Elvish Warrior Aven Envoy
Sage Aven Goblin Sledder Dripping Dead
Battering Craghorn Airborne Aid Lowland Tracker
Gravel Slinger Grassland Crusader Fugitive Wizard
Blistering Firecat Krosan Colossus Defender of the Order
Symbiotic Beast Goblin Burrows Spectral Sliver
Headhunter Headhunter Gempalm Strider
Run Wild Elvish Scrapper Noxious Ghoul
PS2: Masashiro Kuroda
Pack 1: Onslaught
PS2: Masashiro Kuroda
Pack 2: Onslaught
PS2: Masashiro Kuroda
Pack 3: Legions
Pacifism Secluded Steppe Needleshot Gourna
Nantuko Husk Screeching Buzzard Mistform Sliver
Crown of Awe Tranquil Thicket Soothfeather Flock
Disciple of Malice Leery Fogbeast Skirk Outrider
Elvish Pioneer Ixidor's Will Mistform Seaswift
Sandskin Skirk Prospector Defiant Elf
Anurid Murkdiver Dirge of Dread Covert Operative
Birchlore Rangers Naturalize Krosan Vorine
Mistform Wall Crafty Pathmage Berserk Murlodont
Lay Waste Wave of Indifference Starlight Invoker
Battlefield Medic Renewed Faith Goblin Turncoat
Future Sight Quicksilver Dragon Clickslither
Meddle Crude Rampart Withered Wretch
Flamestick Courier Lightning Rift Wirewood Channeler
Goblin Machinist Chain of Silence Deathmark Prelate
PS2: Katsuhiro Mori
Pack 1: Onslaught
PS2: Katsuhiro Mori
Pack 2: Onslaught
PS2: Katsuhiro Mori
Pack 3: Legions
Ascending Aven Sparksmith Krosan Vorine
Information Dealer Dive Bomber Bloodstoke Howler
Crown of Fury Wretched Anurid Mistform Seaswift
Crown of Awe Elvish Guidance Infernal Caretaker
Spined Basher Crown of Ascension Wingbeat Warrior
Wirewood Herald Festering Goblin Quick Sliver
Mistform Wall Elvish Warrior Skirk Marauder
Fever Charm Airborne Aid Embalmed Brawler
Renewed Faith Goblin Sledder Deftblade Elite
Severed Legion Profane Prayers Macetail Hystrodon
Tranquil Thicket Grassland Crusader Nantuko Vigilante
Catapult Master Exalted Angel Glowrider
Primal Boost Smother Gempalm Strider
Headhunter Starlit Sanctum Skirk Drill Sergeant
Aven Fateshaper Heedless One Ward Sliver
PS2: Masahiko Morita
Pack 1: Onslaught
PS2: Masahiko Morita
Pack 2: Onslaught
PS2: Masahiko Morita
Pack 3: Legions
Dive Bomber Barkhide Mauler Needleshot Gourna
Swat Lonely Sandbar Voidmage Apprentice
Crown of Ascension Skirk Prospector Vile Deacon
Brightstone Ritual Unified Strike Wall of Hope
Demystify Accursed Centaur Flamewave Invoker
Riptide Biologist Treespring Lorian Fugitive Wizard
Erratic Explosion Slipstream Eel Hundroog
Foothill Guide Erratic Explosion Goblin Grappler
Shephed of Rot Daru Cavalier Daru Stinger
Crown of Vigor Aphetto Dredging Enbalmed Brawler
Sage Aven Wirewood Savage Defiant Elf
Undead Gladiator Grand Melee Celestial Gatekeeper
Pearlspear Courier Commando Raid Cloudreach Cavalry
Death Pulse Gustcloak Sentinel Goblin Dynamo
Righteous Cause Lightning Rift Brontotherium

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