Final Draft Report

Posted in Event Coverage on October 13, 2002

By Josh Bennett

1 Masashi Oiso
2 Tsuyoshi Fujita
3 Masanori Kobayashi
4 Jun'ichi Kinoshita
5 Eiji Nomura
6 Jin Okamoto
7 Rei Hashimoto
8 Shuuhei Nakamura

Things started out innocently enough. A lack of interesting red cards confused the issue a little, but the signs were there. Oiso started with Cruel Revival, Fujita asserted green, Kobayashi blue, and then Kinoshita green. But then Nomura in fifth seat decided he wanted to be green, too. Okamoto went black, Hashimoto took the first white card, and Nakamura wheeled his intentions to go blue-red.

Slice and Dice
Nomura was being blotted out by Kinoshita's greend drafting, and tried to push the red issue. That fell apart when Kinoshita opened Slice and Dice. With only Hashimoto taking white cards, Oiso decided he would be happy with the leftovers. Okamoto's only competition for black within two seats was Oiso.

While Nakamura and Kobayashi shared blue, Nakamura faced competition for red from Fujita, Kinoshita and Nomura. His situation fell in the drink when Hashimoto opened a pack with Dragon Roost, Symbiotic Beast, Mystform Dreamer, Solar Blast and Essense Fracture. Thusfar white, he couldn't resist the call of the Roost. Nakamura lost it.

So at the end of the first eight packs the situation was this:

Oiso -white-black
Fujita - green-red
Kobayashi - blue-black
Kinoshita - green-red
Nomura - green-red (!!)
Okamoto - black
Hashimoto - white-Roost
Nakamura - blue-red

Okamoto still hadn't chosen his second color, but it clearly couldn't be green, red or blue. That left only white, and with Oiso and Hashimoto getting first dibs on it, things were not looking good for the Last APAC Champion. He tried to go green for Silklash Spider, but the cards stopped coming.

Dragon Roost
Kinoshita and Nomura never gave up their struggle, taking each others cards at every opportunity. Of course, Nomura ended up with the worse deck, getting second pick on two-thirds of the packs. The rest of the table calmed down considerably. Even Nakamura didn't cut off Hashimoto's white, despite being stabbed in the back for the Dragon Roost. Hashimoto only scored two more red cards, but he didn't really need them.

Tsuyoshi Fujita was also feeling the shortness of red, having taken four or five red cards but finding acres and acres of green. Kobayashi was having a great time with no-one interfering with his strategy, but he didn't seem to be getting the cards he needed. And so it continued into the third pack. With no-one challenging the status quo, it looked like Hashimoto was ending up with a ridiculous deck. Nakamura and Oiso were both pleased with their drafts, but everyone else left the table unhappy.

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