Final Standings

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

RankTeamWinningsPro Points
1Thaaaat's Me$4,500 4
2Shenanigans$3,000 3
3YMG/Illuminati$2,100 2
4Re-Elect Gore$2,000 2
5369 a pack$1,500 1
6Our Team Name Got Kolded$1,500 1
7Truly Lazy Men$1,200 1
8:B$1,200 1
9Aquamoebas Anonymous$900 1
10Zebuton Nemonauts$900 1
11TRD$600 1
12Aristocrats$600 1
14Uh-Oh Oreos!
15Hi! We're the Warlords
16Owls and Bungee Cords
18D.G. in D.C.
19Word of Mouth
20The Chicken Sandwiches*
21Demented Mustard
22Fold PreFlop *
23Out on Bail *
24The Incredible Hall
25Team Tilt
26Chambers of Manipulation
27Goochie in the Trunk
28Masters of the Universe
29Rastafarian Conniption *
30Fourth Baby
31Funbox Inc *
32Kicks are for trids!
33Gaming Tower
34The Herbalists
35Whiskey Tango Foxtrot *
36League of Ordinary Gentlemen
37Stuck in Traffic
38Such Cuts
39100% Pure *
40Peg Leg and Barns
41Mox Jet Lag
43Weapons of Mass. Destructi *
44Air Pustilnik
45Stephanie Robert and Jessica
46How Teamful
47M and M's *
48Team Outpost *
49Arrest over Grab the Reins
50South Pole All-Stars *
51Allan Can't Think of a Name
52Therapists for $1000 *
53Irish Roosters *
54PB and the real J *
55Team Butters *
56Sweeter the Juuus *
57The Black Hole
58Here's Your Sign! *
59Kill Bill Oppenheimer *
60GG Unit *
62Frayman 3: Katzless in DC
63Chola, Josh, and Dan *
64Team Axis Powers *
65Digital Meghem *
66HCAS Epsilon *
673's a Crowd *
68Yeah! What! Okay! *
69Speeding Tix *
71The 888 Collective
72I Forfeit
73Team Cream Dream *
74RIW Redux
75Drop It Like It's Hot *
76Never Tell Me the Odds *
77Walking on Moonshine
78Team (Insert Name Here) *
79Under World Legends *
80The Black Guy and his Barns
81Hopkins *
82C.O.P. Barn *
83The Notorious L.C.G.
84The Trailer Park Boys *
85Crazy with the Cheese Whiz *
86Drag Your Luggage *
87Sag One *
88Jim, Jake + Johnny
89Rhymes w/Orange
90Mongoloid Imperialists
91end school zone *
92Visible Weakness *
93Ribs Sushi Pizza *
949083 Fifty-Nine
95The Untouchables *
96Wrong Way *
97The Brockafellars
98Tired Lost Souls
99Spork You *
100One Human Blowtorch
101Black Dragon Society *
102Serious Crew Airways *
103Rodman Team *
104Ghostpimp What!
105Gus Macker
1060-2 Drink
107He's Bigger, We're Better *
108Dear Pelor, *
109Perriwinkle Hippopotamus
110Cobra Kai *
111I Just Came for the Food *
112Death From Above
113HCAS Delta *
114Moos-Joos *
115Brazzoken *
116Bizarro *
117Rick James' Shoes
118We'd Rather be Playing Typ *
119Ipon Jimport
120Team Camelot *
121WTF *
122Team Evilmonkey *
123Black Hoodie Gang *
124The Froggers *
125Joe, Jesus and a Jerk *
126Tea Party *
127Wasted Saturday *
128Last Name First *
129El Duderinos *
130Underdogs *
131Super Karate Monkey Death *
132Bottom Set
133You Got Served *
134Young Guns *
135Scoin *
137Hungry Hungry Phelddagrifs *
138The Red Wings
139Team Welmp *
140Off-Duty Ninjas
141The Legends of Chuck All-S *
142Paradigm *
143Loafing Giants *
144Cephalid Vandals *
145Go For Broke *
146Moovanian Enterprizes *
147Pandora's Mox *
148Chain Mail
149Team Hun *
150Reunion *
151We Need More Cowbell *
152It's a ripoff! *
153The Pale Moonshiners *
154Gary Williams *
155Solar Tide with Bleach
157Team Ecko
158Tabletop Games *
159A Little Bit Special *
160Go Scrub Go *
162Peter Vabulas Mem. Beatdown
163Fast Orange *
164Bad Husbands *
165Ornithopter Tastes Like Ch *
166Deep in the Game!! *
167Plainswalkers *
168Team Just Met Today... Aga *
169Something Terrible
170Team Borgata Poker
171Dome Beats *
172Maryland Elementary *
173Team Dead Money *
174Team Conclave *
175Ebola Jefferson *
176Boo *
177HateBreed *
178Dutch Masterz *
179Team Indecisive *
180The Ultra Maroons *
181Monkey Men *
182The Donkey's *
183CMS *
184Team Foxfire *
185Shmoke and a Pancake *
186Lemon *
187The Spanish Inquisition *
188Team Riot Act *
189Day of the Dragons *
190Team Bus Drivers *
191Team Blicka *

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