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Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

The Great Lakes Regional team is the winning team of the first ever US Nationals Regional Team Competition. Despite not having anyone finish in the Top 16 they did manage remarkably consistent finishes across their Top 4 players narrowly edging out yesterday's leaders, the Mid Atlantic Region. Ken Lenhert (24 points), Chris Pait (22 points), Brandon Demes (21 points), and Jon Honea (18 points) narrowly edged out Mike McGee (24 points), Brad Taulbee (21 points), Jim Ferraiolo (21 points), and Joshua Merold (18 points) by a single point to earn the title.

For their efforts they—and their other four teammates—will each win a box of Scourge. The Great Lakes region was one of a surprising number of regions that actually fielded all eight team members. Great Lakes Region organizer Mike Guptil must be doing something right because his Ohio Valley Region placed third—with only four invitationalists in the tournament!

Congratulations Great Lakes Regional team!

Region Top 4 Players
Great Lakes 85
Mid Atlantic 84
Ohio Valley 78
Mountain 74
Northeast 72
South 67
Southwest 66
Northern California 64
Southern California 63
Plains 63
New England 60
MidWest 55
Southeast 54
Florida 39
Alaska/Puerto Rico/Hawaii 21

Alaska/Puerto Rico/Hawaii Team

Name Region Points
Lohman, Kris APH 9
Gonzalez, Jorge APH 6
Fruehauf, Jake APH 6

Florida Region Team

Name Region Points
Mongiello, Robert FL 18
Wolonsky, Steven FL 9
Postlethwait, Billy FL 6
Rogasner, Gabriel FL 6

Great Lakes Regional Team

Name Region Points
Gonzalez, John FL 0
Lehnert, Ken GL 24
Pait, Chris GL 22
Demes, Brandon GL 21
Honea, John GL 18
Lepinski, Chris GL 18
McDonough, Anthony GL 12
Kanon, Kyle GL 12
Jacobs, Rodney GL 9

Mid-Atlantic Regional Team

Name Region Points
McGee, Michael MATL 24
Taulbee, Brad MATL 21
Ferraiolo, Jim MATL 21
Merold, Joshua MATL 18
Faesi, Christopher MATL 15
Leong, Krishan MATL 12
Waggoner, Adam MATL 12
Gregg, Tony MATL 9

Military Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Famiglietti, Lou MIL 21
Helton, James MIL 9

Mountain Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Cassidy, Jonathan MNT 24
Cross, James MNT 19
Napper, Josh MNT 18
Jilot, Chris MNT 13
Shurtz, Damian MNT 12
Job, Jonathan MNT 9
Schotanus, Ian MNT 6
Tan, Tien (John) MNT 3

Midwest Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Krumb, Michael MW 16
Thoren, Erik MW 15
Minetz, Arthur Noah MW 12
Brinkman, Will MW 12
Burger, Nathan MW 0

Northeast Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Tse, Jay NE 24
Buddensick, Daniel NE 21
Margolin, Yan NE 15
Napoli, Christopher NE 12
Matson, Peter NE 6
Anderson, Ross NE 3
Kandebo, James NE 0

New England Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Cannistraro, Michael NENG 18
Tautic, Raymond NENG 15
Cogley, Nick NENG 15
Raymond, Brian NENG 12
Guevin, Peter NENG 9
Morgan, Will NENG 6

Northern California Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Tran, Phuong NOCAL 25
Foley, Trevor NOCAL 15
Hagen, Jacques NOCAL 12
Sharma, Arun NOCAL 12
Custer, Andy NOCAL 9
Rodriguez, Colin NOCAL 7
Hunt, Grady NOCAL 6
Klein, Adam NOCAL 3

Northwest Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Hanson, Daniel NW 21
Herzog, Cameron NW 20
Wilson, Gabriel NW 19
Chang, Ryan NW 6
Johnson, Ian NW 3
Peloquin, Greg NW 3
Nelson, Sam NW 0

Ohio Valley Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Rickard, Brandon OH 21
Heiss, Nathan OH 21
Lynn, Nicholas OH 21
Lipps, Doug OH 15

Plains Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Scott, Stephen PL 18
Stark, William PL 15
Saylor, David PL 15
Parrett, Tel PL 15
Lewis, Scott PL 9
Stiles, Justin PL 7

Southeast Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Roop, Andy SE 15
Mahon, John SE 15
Greer, Joseph SE 12
Brown, Daniel SE 12
Barnette, Vincent SE 12
Mills, Stephen SE 6

South Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Ainsworth, Benjamin SO 18
Guy, James SO 18
LeJeune, Derek SO 18
Patrick, Jonathan SO 13
Davila, Confesor SO 12
Webb, Taylor SO 10

Southern California Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Dulay, Luke SOCAL 21
Szigeti, Peter SOCAL 18
Jacoby, Daniel SOCAL 12
Nduati, Michael SOCAL 12
Blackman, Ben SOCAL 12
Meves, Nick SOCAL 9
Shears, Steven SOCAL 7
Medaris, Michael SOCAL 6

Southwest Regionals Team

Name Region Points
Sellers, Ben SW 24
Davis, James SW 18
Gates, Brian SW 12
Higashi, Chris SW 12
Kvetkosky, Mike SW 12
Smith, Brian SW 6
Lawver, Daniel SW 6
Price, Joshua SW 0

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