Finals: Alex Shvartsman vs Andy Stokinger

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

It’s only appropriate that the Finals of the Invitational Tournament is between the two decks that have generated the most buzz today: The Your Move Games Elvish Succession deck, and Team Academy’s update of Lucas Glavin’s white weenie deck.

Shvartsman- “Well you definitely have one advantage, I have no idea what’s in your deck.”

Stokinger- “While you were playing your last match, I went in the back and looked up Dougherty’s article about your deck online. I just looked at the decklist though.”

Game 1

Shvartsman’s Birchlore Rangers traded with Planar Guide. Shvartsman noted, “That guy is pretty good against my token creatures.” Wirewood Hivemaster was matched by Beloved Chaplain, and Wirewood Herald started the insect production. Stokinger played a morph creature, and turned Exalted Angel face up on the following turn, attacking for four. Ravenous Baloth and Verdant Succession got Shvartsman closer to going off. Glorious Anthem made the Angel a bit bigger, and Shvartsman started to sacrifice Baloths, gaining four life a turn. Wirewood Herald and Llanowar Elves came out, and Shvartsman simply needed a sacrifice outlet for one of his Heralds to go off. However, Stokinger put a ton of pressure on the board before Shvartsman could draw what he needed, playing a second Angel and another Glorious Anthem to take the game.

Shvartsman- 0 Stokinger- 1

While shuffling, Shvartsman pointed out that he hadn’t played his deck until today. Stokinger added that the same applied to him.

“Alex, you have to beat him, or people are going to think the tournament was rigged!”- Michelle Cove, owner of Academy Games.

Game 2

Shvartsman had an explosive draw this game, and by turn three two Birchlore Rangers, Wirewood Herald and Nantuko Husk were all in play. Stokinger had two Beloved Chaplains and Planar Guide. Shvartsman sacrificed a Herald to get a Hivemaster, and used Birchlore Rangers to play even more elves. Stokinger simply played a face down Exalted Angel. On the following turn he said go with four lands untapped, sitting back on Planar Guide. Two Caller of the Claws were played on end step, and all the elves were sacrificed, leaving ten bears, four insects, Nantuko Husk and two Caller of the Claw in play. It didn’t matter, as Stokinger sacrificed the Guide to wipe out the token army. Shvartsman would later admit that he saw this play, but his only chance to win was if Stokinger forgot about it. The Guide also flipped up his Angel for the next attack, and Stokinger played another one face down. He only attacked with one Angel on his next turn, sitting back on five untapped mana and Disenchant in hand to protect himself from Verdant Succession. Shvartsman attacked and sacrificed Herald to Husk to get a Gempalm Strider to deal a little more damage in combat, but the second Angel flipped over, and the game was soon over.

Shvartsman- 0 Stokinger- 2

Andy Stokinger

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