Finals: Anthony Ramasami (JD’z Gaming Supplies) vs. Adam Chambers (Lenox Sports Cards)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Alex Shvartsman

Game 1

It looked as though Ramasami would win this game easily. Chambers mulliganned twice, before he finally found a hand he could play with.

Ramasami had no trouble dealing with a turn 2 Shade – Smother took it out right away. However, he would have a more difficult time after Chambers played Unholy Grotto and tapped it and two Swamps to summon a Rotlung Reanimator. Ramasami used an Edict to turn it into a Zombie token, and his opponent tapped out to cast Graveborn Muse.

Stuck on three lands (one of which was Cabal Coffers), Ramasami watched helplessly as his opponent drew more cards and chipped away at his life totak with various Zombies. Having never drawn a fourth land, he packed up the cards.


Ramasami: -2 Duress, -1 Undead Gladiator, -1 Mind Sludge, +2 Persecute, +1 Haunting Echoes, +1 Engineered Plague
Chambers: +4 Rancid Earth, + 4 Braids, +1 Gempalm Polluter, +1 Haunting Echoes, -3 Mutilate, -3 Smother, -4 Chainer’s Edict

Game 2

Chambers started the game by knocking Persecute out of his opponent’s hand with Duress. He then used Rancid Earth to kill a Swamp and summoned Braids. Although Ramasami was able to kill Braids, he was now down to one land. Chambers cast a Nantuko Shade and a second Braids. Rather than go down to zero permanents, Ramasami conceded the match.

Chambers 2 – Ramasami 0

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