Finals (Auction): Kai Budde vs. Dan Clegg

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Matthew Vienneau

Kai was up one match to none going into the Auction of the People round of the Finals. Kai is still playing "The Crew!" (Legends) deck created by Shotaro Mori while Dan is playing "I Spy" (Spies) created by John Ormerod. The Spy deck is an incredibly weak deck from all appearances and it looked like a bad match-up for Clegg.

Game 1

Dan burst out with a first turn Orcish Spy followed by a second turn Goblin Spy, revealing his top card for as long as the Goblin was in play. Kai did little other than Lay of the Land as he took the beats down to eight and then suffered from a Ray of Erasure that put one of his two Tahngarth's into his graveyard. But with four Mirri in the deck, it was no problem putting out one of the 2/3 first-strike Legends on turn three.

As Kai watched Dan's top cards, which were always lands, he thanked John Ormerod, the deck's creator, for putting too many in the deck, though to be fair, 21 hardly seems like a lot in a 60 card deck. With only four land and no good spells in hand, Kai top-decked Captain Sisay, his bomb card, and puts it into play and begins searching out answers such as Tahngarth. Dan's Stromgald Spy, while good, was hardly a match for the 4/4 Minotaur Legend.

In fact, it doesn't appear that Dan has any answer in his entire deck that is a match for the 4/4 Minotaur Legend, and after using his Orcish Spy to look at the top three cards in his library, Dan conceded in disgust at his deck and it's poor draw.

Budde - 1
Clegg - 0

Game 2

Clegg again came out as strong as he could with a turn one Orcish Spy. But that was nothing compared to Kai's first turn play of Mox Emerald, Mox Jet, Mountain and Squee, Goblin Nabob! In a match of inefficient creatures, the player with the most Moxen wins!

With no second turn play, Clegg rapidly lost what little momentum he may have generated with his early spies. But a turn three Telepathic Spies revealed that Kai was holding nothing but Lay of the Land and more land! Suddenly, the game was tighter than it first appeared.

Four Lay of the Lands later, Kai was still re-playing Squee every turn to try and hold off Orcish Spy, Goblin Spy and Telepathic Spies. Eventually drawing into Mirri, Kai stabilized the board, but Dan managed to regain some advantage by using a Foreshadow that Kai knew about from the Goblin Spy, to move Eladamri's Call from Kai's library to his graveyard while at the same time drawing two cards.

Kai drew, looked at Crovax the Cursed, the card that he never wants to draw, and commented, "the one card I can't play" as he looked at his two mana sources of each color except black. Following Crovax was Squee, another card he couldn't play as Squee was already in play. With the board in a stalemate, any delay was to Kai's advantage and Dan was visibly frustrated that he could not press his advantage despite Kai's horrible sequence of draws after the first turn Squee.

Kai finally drew into an Eladamri's Call that fetched Sisay. With Sisay in play, Dan's doom was pretty much final and several Legends later he conceded. One can certainly say that by the end of this match, Dan "despised" his deck of "de spies"!

Game Result: Budde 2 - Clegg 0

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