Finals: Ben Seck vs. Grant van Dyk

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By Sideboard Staff

Game one started off very slow, which had to favor Ben Seck, since his deck is capable of doing ridiculous things in the late game. The only "early" spells of the game included Ben's Mystic Zealot, which then used Psionic Gift to kill Hallowed Healer. Then, Acceptable Losses tried to take out the oh so gifted Zealot before a Syncopate ended that dream. Grant then felt so threatened by the gift that he used his Ray of Distortion to take it out, only a turn before he used Sandstone Deadfall to take out the leftover Zealot. The game really started to spiral downwards when TBS Scrivenered Syncopate not once but twice. As TBS sat beating with his evasive forces, while the ground was stalled, TBS's already impressive hand grew to contain Afflict, Ghastly Demise, Divert, and Repel among others. Grant eventually succumbed to the Aven Archer, though he was able to Kirtar's Desire the Stalking Bloodsucker. TBS commented after game one, "It's like playing Gomar."

Game two started a bit rockier for Ben, as he could only find two of his colors of mana, while his opponent started aggressively with Tireless Tribe and Patrol Hounds. Ben's first creature, Aven Archer, was then Acceptable Lossesed away and Ben's only replacement was a 1/1 Cephalid Scout. Though the meager beats continued, Ben started to solidify his position with a Psionic Gift on the his Cephalid and a Mystic Zealot, while Grant's addition of Magma Vein only would affect his own men. Ben further solidified his position with a Dream Prowler, but he still lacked black mana, the exception being his blue sac-land. On seven life, with a six point Volley of Boulders in the graveyard from Acceptable Losses, it looked like Ben needed to find some offense. Ben was forced by his low life total to let his Prowler die to a Blazing Salvo. This let Grant send with his Ogre, but TBS had a nasty Ghastly Demise off the sac-land ready to really hose the Ogre when it ran into Mystic Zealot. Grant found a Kirtar's Desire for the Zealot, but then blundered away his Hallowed Healer on the Gifted Cephalid. Grant did score an important two points with the Patrol Hounds, knocking Ben to Boulders range, but Ben was left with Syncopate in waiting for later. Ben eventually managed to trade off the remaining Patrol Hound and begin the beats. It was beginning to seem like Gomar was indeed an accurate characterization of his deck. Ben didn't seem to be fully exploiting his advantage though, as he was not using his extra lands through his Scout to increase the beats. Ben's hand though inexorably built up to an unbeatable quality, including Syncopate, Afflict, Second Thoughts, and Morgue Theft, not to mention the big vampire. Grant's life total dropped point by point until his inevitable death occurred.

Final Result: Game set match, TBS

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