Finals - Brian Kibler (Next Level Bant) vs. Makihito Mihara (Planeswalker Control)

Posted in Event Coverage on June 4, 2010

By Nate Price

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The finals of Grand Prix Sendai began with silence in between these two Pro Tour Champions. Makihito Mihara was 2006 World champion, and Brian Kibler was Pro Tour-Austin champion. Brian Kibler decided to play Next Level Bant for this tournament, whereas Makihito Mihara decided on Planeswalker Control.

Mihara won the roll and decided to play the first game of the finals. Kibler mulliganed down to a six-card hand. The first play of the game was a turn one Birds of Paradise from Kibler, which Mihara followed with a Wall of Omens. Kibler mirrored Mihara's play with a Wall of Omens himself. Kibler cast a Ranger of Eos, putting two Noble Hierarchs in his hand. After a pass from Mihara, Kibler attacked in with his Ranger of Eos. This prompted Mihara to cast a Mind Spring for three drawing up to a full grip.

With Mihara tapped out, Kibler played an Elspeth, Knight-Errant, giving his Ranger of Eos flying and putting Mihara down to seven. Kibler's lethal Ranger of Eos was dealt with by a timely Path to Exile from Mihara. After combat, Kibler played a Sphinx of Lost Truths unkicked, allowing him to cycle three cards, including a Vengevine.

Again, Brian went for the kill giving his Sphinx +3/+3, forcing Mihara to chump block with an activated Celestial Colonnade. Post combat, Kibler played a Sphinx of Lost Truth, this time with kicker, drawing him three cards. An Ajani Vengeant on Mihara's turn Lightning Helixed Kiblers lone Noble Hierarch

With two creatures, Kibler was able to bring back a Vengevine from the graveyard. Kibler then gave the Vengevine flying, activated his Celestial Colonnade, and attacked with the team, taking down game one.

Brian Kibler 1 – Makihito Mihara 0

Again Kibler started the game off with a turn-one mana accelerant, and Mihara matched it with a turn-two Wall of Omens. After no third land from Mihara, Kibler cast a turn-three Vengevine, which got blocked by the Wall and allowed Mihara to use Path to Exile to find the third land. In attempt to find yet another land, Mihara played a Jace Beleren and drew a card. Unsuccessful in his efforts, he passed the turn back to Kibler, who again attacked Mihara with his Vengevine.

A Deprive from Kibler countered an Oblivion Ring by Mihara and allowed Kibler to continue the beats. An attack dropped Mihara to eleven life, destroyed his Jace, clearing the way for Kibler to cast a Jace of his own, this time of the Mind Sculpting variety. A Jace from Mihara took care of Kibler's Jace, and, with no defense from Mihara, Kibler was allowed to attack him down to two.

In an attempt pull back into the game, Mihara cast a Day of Judgment , but when Kibler flashed him two creatures to put the Vengevine back into play, Mihara conceded.

Brian Kibler is your 2010 Grand Prix-Sendai champion!

Brian Kibler 2 – Makihito Mihara 0

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