Finals: Diego Ostrovich vs. Scott Richards

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By Toby Wachter

This matchup saw Scott's Meddling Rebels deck face Diego's Orb Opposition deck, with the Latin American Championship on the line. Diego is the current Argentina National Champion, and was looking to add a continental championship to his resume on his home turf. Unlike Scott's match in the Quarterfinals against Merfolk Opposition, Scott will not have to fear playing islands in this match. His Meddling Mages will be key here, as they can shut down Diego's combo, and prevent the lock from hitting the table.

Game 1

Scott played first, and played a Brainstorm on Diego's end step. After some thought, he played a second island, sitting back on Counterspell mana. Diego then played his second land and summoned Spiketail Hatchling, which resolved. Scott played a Coastal Tower, and Diego's Hatchling attacked. This was followed by Chimeric Idol, which resolved. Scott answered back with Defiant Vanguard, which left him with only one untapped land. Diego played a second Hatchling, and sent his creatures into the Red Zone. They were not blocked, since Scott wanted to save his Vanguard for searching.

Static Orb was played by Diego on the following turn, and Scott Absorbed it. However, Diego added Foil with alternate casting cost to the stack, discarding two islands. This allowed Static Orb to resolve. Diego then attacked with all his creatures, and Scott blocked the Idol with his Vanguard to trade. He still took two damage from the Hatchlings. Facing a damage clock of two, Scott played Brainstorm to dig for answers. He then summoned Lin Sivvi, which was not as threatening as it could be due to the Static Orb.

Scott took some more brawling from the Hatchlings until he got to five mana. This allowed him to search out Ramosian Sky Marshal, which would hold down the air and prevent additional Hatchling beatings. Diego increased his aerial army on the following turn with Ribbon Snake, but still could not attack past the Sky Marshal. Scott soon played a Meddling Mage, which Diego Dazed. Scott paid the mana, and Diego followed up by adding Foil to the stack, which resolved.

The game was now at a stalemate, since Diego could not attack past Scott's Marshal, and Scott could not build up his Rebel army easily due to Static Orb. Scott broke the stalemate by playing Disenchant on the Static Orb during Diego's end step. This allowed Scott to untap, and gave him plenty of mana to work with. In fact, he went ahead and searched out a second Sky Marshal, and attacked with the first one. Diego played a second Static Orb, but now had a problem since Scott had two large fliers. He built up his forces with a Spiketail Hatchling, and Scott played Disenchant on the Static Orb on end step. Diego used Foil to counter it, leaving him with no cards in hand.

A single Sky Marshal continued to attack on each of Scott's turns, with the other staying back on defense. It got through a few times before Diego decided to block it with a Ribbon Snake and a Hatchling, which killed off the Marshal but caused him to lose the Snake. A third Hatchling showed up, and Scott searched out a Lieutenant, which attacked with the Marshal on the next turn. The Lieutenant was double blocked, which caused it to be traded with a Hatchling.

The Marshal continued to attack, while Diego chump blocked it to stay alive. A Magpie was Counterspelled, and Scott searched out a Sergeant. He then attacked with all his creatures. The Marshal was chump blocked again, leaving Diego with no creatures. Facing a large Rebel army, Diego conceded the game.

Ostrovich- 0 Richards- 1

Game 2

Diego played first, and kept a one land hand. He cast Opt on Scott's end step, but could not dig into a second land. Scott played Meddling Mage, naming Temporal Adept. Diego drew, and still could not find a second land. He discarded Ribbon Snake. The Mage attacked, and Scott played a second, naming Wash Out. Diego finally drew another land in Rishadan Port, and played his first non-land permanent of the game: Spiketail Hatchling. The Mages continued to attack, and Scott sat back on Counterspell mana.

A third land was finally drawn by Diego, but the tempo lost was massive. He played a Ribbon Snake, which was countered with Gainsay. Diego responded with Misdirection, which allowed the Snake to resolve. This kept the Mages from attacking, and allowed Diego to stabilize for the time being. Static Orb hit play on the following turn. Scott destroyed it with Dismantling Blow with kicker, gaining massive card advantage.

To follow up, Scott summoned Defiant Vanguard on his turn. Diego cast Stronghold Zeppelin. It attacked on the next turn, and Scott took three damage. Opposition was now played, but destroyed with Disenchant. A second Opposition was played on the following turn, and it was Counterspelled. Diego added Misdirection to the stack, allowing the Opposition to resolve. The Zeppelin attacked for damage, and Scott used the Vanguard to search out Lin Sivvi.

Static Orb showed up a few turns later, and Diego had three creatures to work with in establishing a lock. Scott played Wrath of God, which resolved, and helped Scott break out of the impending lock. Diego tapped down the Static Orb in response, which would allow him to get a full untap phase on his next turn. He used this opportunity to play Temporal Adept. With two Ports out, Diego had Scott's mana production slowed down drastically under the Orb. Plus, Temporal Adept was being used with Opposition to tap down the Orb on Scott's end step, allowing Diego to have access to all his resources every turn.

Diego summoned a Spiketail Hatchling, increasing his lock. On Scott's end step, Diego tapped down his only available white source. Scott responded by tapping it for mana and targeting Opposition with Disenchant. He had only one untapped land, and Diego played Daze. He then sacrificed Spiketail Hatchling, which countered the Disenchant. A Zeppelin was summoned on the following turn. Scott cast a Ramosian Sergeant, which was unimpressive considering all his lands were tapped, and the lock was on the table.

A few turns later, Scott played Disenchant on Opposition to break out of the lock. During the end step, Diego used Temporal Adept to bounce the Sergeant. This cleared the way for his creatures, and Scott conceded.

Ostrovich- 1 Richards- 1

Game 3

Scott played first, and Diego mulliganed his opening hand. A Meddling Mage was cast, naming Temporal Adept. Diego summoned a Spiketail Hatchling. The Mage attacked for two, and was joined by a Defiant Falcon, which was countered when Diego's Hatchling was sacrificed, as Scott had missed his third land drop. Diego played a Port and, summoned a Ribbon Snake. Scott played another Falcon resolved on the following turn, which resolved. Scott's draws cooperated, and it soon got to work, searching out Lin Sivvi.

A second Port showed up on Diego's side, which would prevent Scott from searching out Sky Marshal for the next few turns unless he wanted to tap out on his turn. This would leave him vulnerable on Diego's turn, so it wasn't really an option. A third Port was played a few turns later. Scott continued to search out Rebels, getting a Sergeant. He also put the dead Falcon back into his library.

Diego played Opposition on his next turn, and Scott Counterspelled it. Diego added Foil to the stack, while Scott played another Counterspell. Diego then played Daze, which allowed the Opposition to resolve. Still, it wasn't very threatening, as Diego only had one creature out. It also left him tapped out, and Scott was able to eliminate the Opposition with a Disenchant during his turn. Diego played a second Opposition on the following turn. Scott tried to counter it with Gainsay, but Diego used Foil, allowing Opposition to resolve. Once again, Scott used Disenchant to keep Opposition off the table. He then searched out the Sky Marshal, and had a damage clock to work with.

At this point, Diego's deck had run out of gas while the Rebels continued to search and increase in numbers with every turn. A second Marshal showed up, and Scott sent his Rebel army into the Red Zone every turn until he won the game.

Ostrovich- 1 Richards- 2

Game 4

Diego went first, and played an Opt, followed up by Rishadan Port, which was used on the next upkeep. This allowed him to sneak Temporal Adept past countermagic. Scott then summoned Meddling Mage, naming Opposition. The Mage attacked on the following turn, and Scott increased the pressure with Ramosian Lieutenant. It searched out a Sivvi on end step, and was bounced with the Adept. Diego played a Ribbon Snake, and Scott continued to build up his Rebel forces. The Adept was being used to slow down Scott, but the Rebels were simply increasing in number too quickly.

The Ribbon Snake was preventing Scott from attacking for massive damage every turn. However, Diego needed to stabilize before Scott searched out both Marshals. A Static Orb was played, but destroyed with Disenchant. Scott searched out more Rebels, and attacked with everyone except Lin Sivvi and Meddling Mage. Diego played Static Orb to stop the army, and Scott responded with Counterspell. Sivvi was used on end step to get a Sergeant, and bring back a dead Defiant Vanguard.

The Rebel army headed into combat again, dealing more damage. The Snake blocked and killed a Sergeant, but this was somewhat insignificant. Diego now played Wash Out, and Scott responded with Counterspell. Diego added Thwart to the stack, and Wash Out resolved, but not before Lin Sivvi moved some Rebels from the graveyard to the library. Scott now had to start rebuilding, and he started by playing Meddling Mage, naming Wash Out. Lin Sivvi, a Lieutenant and a Sergeant were all replayed as well.

With Scott all tapped out, Diego played Opposition. At this point, Scott had brought his creature base back to the size it had been at prior to Wash Out. A Magpie joined Diego's side, and stayed around when Diego won the resulting countermagic war. Scott continued to increase the size of his army, and attacked with everyone except for Meddling Mage. This allowed some damage to get through at the expense of two Rebels dying, but that was insignificant considering Scott's search capabilities on the table. The Rebels attacked on Scott's following turn, giving him the win and the Championship. The spectators in the crowd were quick to comfort and congratulate Diego.

Ostrovich- 1 Richards- 3

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