Finals Draft Analysis: Takamasa Fukata

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Takamasa placed 7th at the end of the two days of limited play. He was seeded for the finals draft in 8th place, and lost to Satoshi Nakamura in the finals.

Takamasa Fukata

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Takamasa was in eighth place for the finals draft and didn't really get a chance to decide colors for a few packs. At about the fourth to fifth pack some targeted black takedown showed up, so he settled on Black. He then fought with the player to his right for green, and ended up the victor, managing to draft plenty of nice, albeit costly creatures. Takamasa had this to say about choosing colors: "I ended up having to force green, which turned out ok. I picked up some Thresher Beasts and a Snorting Gahr, but unfortunately a lot of my creatures are costly to play"

Takamasa also commented on who he thought would walk away as the Grand Prix-Sapporo Champion: "I really have no idea who will win. Anyone could do it, even me." No matter what the outcome, Takamasa was happy to be playing in a Top 8 at a Grand Prix event.

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