Finals Feature Match: Olivier Ruel vs. Ricard Tuduri

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By Wizards of the Coast

Game One

Olivier played the first creature of the match - laying a Thornscape Apprentice on his first turn and following it up on his second turn with a Sunscape Apprentice. Meanwhile Ricard had played a second turn Yavimaya Barbarian, and attacked with it on his third turn.

He also played a Thornscape Familiar, for which Ruel played a Galina's Knight to potentially block it. Ricard attacked with his Barbarian, which Olivier blocked with his Sunscape Apprentice, hoping that there wasn't some form of creature enhancement in the Spaniard's hand. However, there was, and an Aggressive Urge both killed the Apprentice and allowed Ricard to draw a card. He then played a Kavu Aggressor which only cost two mana due to the Familiar in play.

Although the Galina's Knight would be able to block the Kavu Aggressor, Olivier decided to return it to his hand and cast a Sawtooth Loon. This didn't help him to get any extra defense into play right away, although it did give him an Exclude.

After Tuduri's next turn, though, it didn't look like it would matter, as he attacked to put Ruel on 13, and summoned a Thornscape Master while he was tapped out. The Master dealt with the Galina's Knight which Olivier recast, although to be honest the game was beyond saving for him at this point. Another attack and he was down to 11, and yet another Yavimaya Barbarian joined the fray.

In an attempt to stop some of the relentless beatings, he played Armadillo Cloak on his Apprentice, but with the Master in play, it would die whichever creature it blocked, and after surviving for one further draw step, Olivier conceded with nothing in play and his opponent having two Yavimaya Barbarians, a Slingshot Goblin, and a Thornscape Master.

Game Two

Olivier's opening draw in the second game did not contain a forest, merely an Island and a Plains, but not wishing to go down to six cards against Ricard's deck, he kept it and hoped to quickly draw a Forest. He hadn't drawn one by his third turn, however.

Ricard's opening draw also did not have a Forest, only three Mountains, but his luck was much better and he drew one immediately, replacing his first turn Thunderscape Apprentice with a Horned Kavu, and then replaying the Apprentice.

Olivier's Arctic Merfolk could not even vaguely hold off the Kavu, which attacked Ruel down to 15. He still could not draw a land when Ricard dropped a Kavu Aggressor, and when his Merfolk was Zapped, he had to concede, commenting as he did so - "Shortest final ever." Perhaps this was true of Limited GPs, as the whole match had taken only around 15 turns, and around half an hour of play including shuffling.

Final Result: Ricard Tuduri defeats Olivier Ruel 2 - 0

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