Finals Feature Match: Rob Nadebaum vs. Andrew Gordon

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By Mark Brown

Rob Nadebaum, who qualified 2nd at the Southeast Regionals sat down opposite Andrew Gordon who qualified on rating. Both players regularly meet at Card Heaven, a favorite Melbourne shop. Rob is a member of two on-line teams (Team AU and Team Kolderson) while Andrew is a member of the Card Heaven based team, Team Heaven.

Game 1

Andrew called heads winning the coin flip and chose to play. The players drew their opening hands. Andrew chose to keep his hand while Rob frowned at his 5 lands and 2 spells before he decided to mulligan. While Rob is shuffling Andrew mentioned that he thought about the mulligan but chose to try and mise. Rob drew 2 forest, a mountain, a Flametongue Kavu, a Scorching Lava and another spell which he kept.

Turn 1 Andrew played an Island, done. Rob played a Forest, Andrew cast Opt during Rob's End of Turn step, and did not get the land he needed.

Turn 2 Andrew failed to draw a land again and cast another Opt, again with no land, done. Rob drew, complained that he never gets Fires of Yavimaya on turn 2 before he played a Mountain and River Boa, done.

Turn 3 Andrew again does not draw the island he needed and played a 3rd Opt, getting a land on the second card, done. Rob drew the Fires of Yavimaya he had complained about the turn before then played a Karplusan Forest. Rob declared an attack with the River Boa. (Andrew 18 - Rob 20) Rob then played the Fires of Yavimaya, done.

Turn 4 Andrew top decked a third Island and played a Chimeric Idol, done. Rob drew then played a second Forest, followed by a Blastoderm, Andrew reluctantly allowed the Blastoderm to resolve after much thought. Rob attacked with the Blastoderm and River Boa (Andrew 11 - Rob 20), done.

Turn 5 Andrew drew a fourth Island and played a second Chimeric Idol, done. Rob drew a Birds of Paradise which he played, then attacked again with the Blastoderm and River Boa. Andrew gang blocked the Blastoderm, (Andrew 9 - Rob 20) Rob then played Scorching Lava to kill the second Chimeric Idol, done.

Turn 6 Andrew played a Troublesome Spirit in an attempt to prolong the game, done. Rob played his Flametongue Kavu which is Andrew countered with a Thwart. Rob then attacked with his River Boa (Andrew 7 - Rob 20), done.

Turn 7 Andrew played an Island then attacked with the Troublesome Spirit (Andrew 7 - Rob 17), done. Rob drew another River Boa to increase the pressure on Andrew (Andrew 3 - Rob 17), done.

Turn 8 Andrew scooped after realizing there was no answer to Rob's River Boa's.

Both players chatted amicably while sideboarding.

Andrew sideboarded out all 4 Spiketail Hatchlings, both Rising Waters and a Gush for 4 Submerge and 3 Glacial Walls. Rob sideboarded out all of his Shivan Wurm, 1 Blastoderm, 1 Saproling Burst and a Dustbowl for 3 Kavu Chameleon and 3 Simoon.

Game 2

Andrew chose to play, drew 4 Islands, a Washout, a Foil and a Thwart. Not liking what he saw Andrew decided to mulligan down to 6 and drew a Gush, an Island, a Glacial Wall, a Foil, a Troublesome Spirit and a Thwart. Andrew shook his head and decided to mulligan once again. This time he drew a Rishadan Airship, an Island, a Washout, a Glacial Wall and a Gush. Not being able to afford to mulligan again Andrew accepted this hand. Rob was happy with his hand of 2 Blastoderm, 2 Birds of Paradise, a Saproling Burst, a Forest and a Mountain.

Turn 1 Andrew played an Island, done. Rob drew a second Saproling Burst, played a Forest, Birds of Paradise, done.

Turn 2 Andrew top decks the second Island he needed, done. Rob played a second forest followed by a second Birds of Paradise, done.

Turn 3 Andrew failed to draw a land, instead he drew a second Rishadan Airship. Andrew tapped his two Islands for mana before he played Gush using the alternate playing cost, only getting 1 Island. Andrew played an Island, before using it to play the Rishadan Airship, done. Rob played Fires of Yavimaya, done.

Turn 4 Andrew played an Island before attacking with the Rishadan Airship (Andrew 20 - Rob 17). Rob played and attacked with a Llanowar Elf and a Blastoderm (Andrew 14 - Rob 17).

Turn 5 Andrew drew a Chimeric Idol, played his 3rd land before he played Glacial Wall. Rob played a Saproling Burst, Andrew commented that that would be 14 damage before conceding that it resolved. Rob activated the Saproling Burst once then spent time thinking through whether to activate it again. Finally Rob activates the Saproling Burst two more times. Rob declared an attack with the Blastoderm, Llanowar Elf and 3 4/4 Saproling Tokens. Andrew chose to block the Blastoderm with the Glacial Wall, Rob sacrificed the Fires of Yavimaya to pump the Llanowar Elf. Andrew then offered his hand to Rob with congratulations.

Final Result: Nadebaum def. Gordon, 2-0

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