Finals: Jelger Wiegersma vs Rogier Maaten

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

An interesting story precedes this match: Jelger predicted before Nats even started that Rogier Maarten was going to win it. Ironically, he is the only one standing in Rogier’s way right now. Rogier went 6-0 with his variation of Blue/Green Treshold. Jelger played Cunning Wake to a 4-1-1 finish on day one.

Game 1

Jelger won the coin toss and chose to play. Following the semifinals trend, Rogier once again mulliganed into the Walla, Mongrel hand. Jelger’s response was a Morph that might or might not be an Exalted Angel. A Krosan Verge left him unable to unmorph the life gaining machine just yet but, barring Unsummons, the Angel was going to take the game in a hurry. A Wonder forced Jelger to spend all his mana to unmorph the Angel before blocking and an Unsummon send the Angel back to his hand. He needed a Wrath and he needed it now. He had it and it resolved leaving Rogier with just one card and a Roar in his graveyard. It was flashbacked next turn and Jelger had another Wrath. He was tapping two Brushlands for white each turn though and was down to 2 and wouldn’t be able to cast a lot of white spells anymore. A Renewed Faith got him back to three life and a Moment’s Peace bought him another turn against an incoming Phantom Centaur but Jelger was running out of options fast. A Wish for Moment’s Peace meant two more turns to hopefully draw into Wrath of God number three. The Wrath wasn’t there but the third Peace bought him enough time to safely play an Exalted Angel. The Angel combined with the Moment’s Peace got Jelger up to 6. He played another Angel but he still couldn’t safely attack because the counterattack would kill him. When Rogier played his fifth creature Jelger was out of options and send the Angels anyway. Rogier blocked one with a Phantom Centaur so Jelger didn’t gain any life and the counterattack was more than lethal.

1-0 Rogier

Game 2

Walla, Mongrel, Mongoose this time. Rogier was quite fortunate with his draws this top 8. Jelger was once again stuck on white and green lands with no blue mana in sight. A Faithful stopped the bleeding a little though. The Mongrel took it down. Jelger finally drew his very first Island off the match on turn 5 and replaced his dead Faithful with a new one. A third Faithful slowed the game down to a crawl and both players went into draw-go mode for a couple of turns. A Phantom Centaur was large enough to get through the Faithfuls but all it did was convince Jelger to Wrath. Jelger then Cunning Wished for Opportunity to refuel and Rogier did the same with a Deep Analysis. Bearscape and Mongrel were met by an Exalted Angel. The Angel got bounced and Wrath of God killed a couple of Bears and a Mongrel. The Angel got Counterspelled on it’s way back down. The next couple of turns were uneventful, Jelger got a Mirari in play but nothing relevant to copy and Rogier made some Bears and started to work on Jelger’s life total. He even got him below twenty at some point. Upheaval almost resolved next but Jelger had two counters to stop Rogier’s two Circular Logics with a little help from the Mirari. With Rogier tapped out Jelger was free to drop Mirari’s Wake and Exalted Angel on the same turn. Rogier’s turn was a good one as well Quiet Speculating for a Ray of Revelation destroying the Wake and Unsummoning the Angel. Rogier had no play when Jelger recast Exalted Angel though and with Rogier on 4 the Angel was potentially lethal. Fortunately for Rogier, the Bearscape could produce close to infinite chumpers and would eventually just overwhelm the Exalted Angel. That wasn’t even going to be necessary though as Rogier attempted another Upheaval and it resolved without a fight from Jelger. Needless to say Jelger was in a bit of a bind after the big Ups but the three Teroh’s Faithfuls in the early game had him at a high enough life total that he might be able to survive until he could Wrath with four lands. Rogier wasn’t even trying to put any pressure on Jelger only casting one Rootwalla keeping Logic mana up from turn three onwards. When he Logiced Jelger’s Compulsion, Jelger was free to play a morph and the Upheaval seemed to have done more harm than good. Bearscape resolved and the bears got some Phantom Centaur backup. The Angel had to stay home again and Rogier was back on his overwhelming with bears plan. Jelger had resigned himself to decking at this point and that might actually work as he had enough Moment’s Peaces left to survive all of Rogier’s attack steps. He even had the Counterspell for Rogier’s last Counterspell and the beatdown deck got decked by the control deck in one of the most boring games I’ve ever witnessed.


Game 3

Basking Rootwalla got his beat on early in game one swinging for three in the first couple of turns before being joined by Wild Mongrel. Jelger’s morph got countered and a Wrath cleaned the board. Rogier’s follow up was a mere Wonder. A Phantom Centaur brought some more muscle to Rogier’s team and an Unsummon saved it from Wrath number two. Rogier couldn’t save it from a Counterspell though and the board was reset once more. Compulsion came down for Jelger but it didn’t help him find a way to stop Rogier’s Upheaval or the Mongoose that came after. Or Mongoose number two. The two little beaters quickly finished off a helpless Jelger and we were on to game four.

2-1 Rogier

Game 4

Another Study, Walla opening for Rogier and this time Jelger didn’t have the Krosan Verge to get back a little tempo. Rogier flashbacked his Analysis to get 8 cards in hand and discarded another Rootwalla. Jelger’s only response was a morph off of three Islands. A fourth Island wasn’t making things easier. Wild Mongrel was the nail in the coffin and Rogier took the title.

3-1 and the championship to Rogier

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