Finals: Jeremy Neeman vs Luis Scott-Vargas

Posted in Event Coverage on October 10, 2010

By Pip Hunn

The crowds gather as the finals get underway.

LSV elected to play. Neeman powered out a turn two Gold Myr, which LSV answered with a Grand Architect. Unfazed, Neeman cast an Auriok Replica. LSV didn't have any plays on turn four, making Neeman slightly suspicious. He decided to find out. Grand Architect powered out a Darksteel Sentinel, which blocked and killed the Replica. Neeman summoned a Goblin Artisan and passed. LSV summoned a Clone Shell and attacked with his Darksteel Sentinel, which Neeman declined to block.

Post combat, LSV summoned a Perilous Myr and used his final mana to Galvanic Blast the Artisan. Neeman reset his board with a Glint Hawk, bouncing an Accorder's Shield. LSV attacked with all his creatures. Neeman blocked the Sentinel and took 3 from the Myr and Shell. Post combat, Darksteel Sentinel tapped for mana to summon an Auriok Replica, who tapped himself and the remaining lands to cast a Chrome Steed. Neeman smiled at the massive army growing opposite him.

"That guy's alright," he quipped, pointing to the Grand Architect.

"Yeah, he does his thing", LSV agreed.

Luis Scott-Vargas. Poison Status: Zero.

LSV attacked with his team once more. Neeman cast a Soul Parry, slowing down the damage and letting the Perilous Myr die without any ill after-effects. LSV shrugged, waited a turn, and attacked again for the win.

Luis Scott-Vargas 1 – Jeremy Neeman 0

First play of game two went to LSV, with a Spikeshot elder and a follow-up Copper Myr. Neeman summoned an Auriok Replica, which was happy to stare down the opposing army. LSV nonchalantly cast his Grand Architect, then tapped it and the Copper Myr for an Auriok Replica. Neeman summoned an Oxidda Scrapmelter and took out LSV's Replica before attacking. LSV summoned a Saberclaw Golem. Neeman cast a Tumble Magnet and tapped down the Golem, attacking with both his creatures. He cast a Glint Hawk and bounced his Tumble Magnet.

LSV summoned a Vulshok replica and swung with his Golem. Neeman declined to block and fell to 15. Neeman attacked with his Glint Hawk and re-cast his Tumble Magnet. The Spikeshot Elder pinged Neeman for 1 at the end of his turn, then LSV considered his options. Neeman's Tumble Magnet tapped down the Saberclaw Golem, and LSV simply cast a Perilous Myr and passed. Neeman attacked with his Glint Hawk. LSV shot his own Perilous Myr and then used the 2 damage to kill the Hawk. Neeman cycled an Origin Spellbomb and cast an Arrest on the Grand Arbiter. LSV declared no attacks on his turn, but hit a critical fourth mountain, giving his Spikeshot Elder two activations a turn. Neeman summoned a Blade-Tribe Berserkers, and LSV shot the Auriok Replica in response to keep Neeman off metalcraft. LSV once again declared no attackers, content to sit behind his wall of men and react to Neeman's plays.

Jeremy Neeman aims to keep the trophy in Australia.

Neeman cast a Strata Scythe, fetching out a Mountain. With 6 lands in play, the Equipment would turn any creature into a massive beater. Neeman suited up his Berserkers and swung for nine. LSV chumped with an Iron Myr and then ended Neeman's turn taking out the Myr token and shooting Neeman down to 13. After LSV had no plays on his turn, Neeman attacked once more with his Berserkers. LSV blocked with his Vulshok Replica and sacrificed it to hit Neeman for 3 damage. Tumble Magnet removed LSV's remaining blockers, and Neeman's next attack was lethal.

Jeremy Neeman 1 – Luis Scott-Vargas 1

LSV began the action with his Perilous Myr. Neeman summoned a Leaden Myr to keep up. LSV summoned a Trinket Mage. Neeman bounced his Myr to summon a Glint Hawk, then re-cast it. LSV found his Grand Architect, tapping his men down to summon a Soliton. Neeman's Oxidda Scrapmelter took care of the artifact creatures, and both the Glint Hawk and the Leaden Myr began the beatdown. LSV summoned a Kuldotha Phoenix, and it and the Trinket Mage attacked Neeman. Neeman was unconcerned about his life totals, falling to 11. Neeman had a Vulshok Heartstoker and swung in with a 4-power Glint Hawk, then a post-combat Arrest for the Phoenix. LSV cast a Flight Spellbomb but had no profitable attacks, leaving his men at home.

Neeman cast an Auriok Replica and passed, while LSV had a Chrome Steed. Neeman summoned a Glimmerpoint Stag, blinking his Scrapmelter out of the game. When it returned, it destroyed the Chrome Steed, which LSV replaced with a Saberclaw Golem. Neeman had a Shatter for it, and his army began to outclass LSV's. Neeman attacked with both his 3/3's, and LSV's Trinket Mage traded with the Stag. LSV took 3 from the Scrapmelter. Neeman had a non-metalcrafted Blade-Tribe Berserkers to bolster his side of the board. Neeman attacked with his entire team. LSV blocked, lost creatures, looked to his deck, found nothing, and extended his hand in congratulations.

"Ya got me," LSV admits with a smile.

Jeremy Neeman defeats Luis Scott-Vargas 2 – 1 to become the Grand Prix: Sydney 2010 champion!

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