Finals: Kush Patel vs. Mike Emmert

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2002

By Alex Shvartsman

Force Spike
With six Psychatog decks in the Top 8, it is no surprise that the finals come down to a mirror match. Patel feels very comfortable with this – his deck is preset for the mirror, with Gainsay and Deep Analysis in the main deck. Emmert is running a version similar to Budde's, but without Force Spikes – which also aren't that great in the mirror. It should be a reasonably close match, but with Patel as a favorite.

Game 1

"You only have three in there, surely you do not have one in your hand," Emmert talked about Chainer's Edict as he cast a turn 2 Nightscape Familiar. He was right – Patel did not have one in his hand. However, he drew one right off the top of his deck, and used it well. Emmert cast Psychatog and proceeded to Duress one of the permission spells out of his opponent's hand. Patel drew a fair amount of countermagic, but Emmert was beating down with a pair of Psyhchatogs.

Patel won a counter war over Fact or Fiction, picking up an Upheaval – but Emmert drew a Duress. Combined with Probe with kicker, he got rid of Patel's hand altogether, again ahead in this game. Psychatogs were doing their job, getting ready for one final attack – but Patel was up to his old tricks, once again drawing more cards than his opponent, as in his semifinal match. He countered a Nightscape Familiar by discarding a Circular Logic to Cephalid Coliseum, having drawn Upheaval, Fact or Fiction, and Gainsay off of it.

Chainer's Edict
He eventually summoned a pair of Nightscape Familiars to block Psychatogs with. He won a counter war over the flashed back Chainer's Edict to take out one of the 'Togs, but was forced to chump-block another with one of his Familiars in the tradeoff, as he did not have enough mana to regenerate it with. Finally the two players ended up in a Psychatog tradeoff, except that Patel had far more cards in his graveyard than his opponent. He was just short of enough cards between graveyard and hand to deal twenty damage when he attacked. Emmert declined to block, and Patel cast Fact or Fiction in his attack step, gaining enough additional cards to deal twenty damage and win the game.

"What the heck," commented Emmert. "All I needed you to do was not to draw that."


In: 4 Lobotomy, 2 Mana Short
Out: Memory Lapse, Psychatog, 2 Repulse, 2 Circular Logic

In: 3 Deep Analysis, 4 Gainsay
Out: 4 Memory Lapse, 2 Upheaval, Probe

Game 2

Emmert used Duress to take out his opponent's Fact or Fiction right off the bat. Patel summoned a turn 2 Familiar, prompting his opponent to decide between casting a Psychatog and casting Repulse. Psychatog won out. Patel chose to use his permission spells very aggressively, countering both of his opponent's Repulses.

Cephalid Coliseum
Both players drew a lot of cards via Deep Analysis and Fact or Fiction. Emmert attempted to cast Probe with kicker and protect it with Counterspell, but Patel won the bout and left Emmert tapped out. He used a Cephalid Coliseum to try and find something that would help him take advantage of his opponent being tapped out. He found Lobotomy, choosing Nightscape Familiars over Repulses. With two Repulses in Emmert's graveyard already, it was certainly the right choice.

Once again, the Psychatog standoff took place, with Patel having far more cards in the graveyard. Patel cast Chainer's Edict, and Emmert had no answer, open to a game winning attack.

Final Result: Patel 2 – Emmert 0

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