Finals - Martin Juza vs Thomas Kiene

Posted in Event Coverage on September 12, 2010

By Zaiem Beg

Game 1

Martin Juza won the die roll and chose to play first – both players kept their seven card hands, and Juza cast Augury Owl, leaving all three cards on top of his library. It was an ominous sign for any opposing mage.

Kiene started his offense with Silvercoat Lion, then boosted it the next turn with an Honor of the Pure. When Juza tried to put a roadblock up by casting Azure Drake, Kiene Bolted it after blocking the 3/3 Lion.

Martin dropped a Rotting Legion and the players tried racing, but Thomas's Lone Missionaries put him slightly ahead. When the American's Silvercoat Lion met its end via Deathmark and the Missionaries was Diminished in combat, Martin pulled even leaving Kiene with just a Gargoyle Sentinel.

With both players at 3 life, Martin chose not to risk dying to Kiene topdecking one of two Lightning Bolts, and opted to draw the game by playing Howling Banshee.

Martin Juza 0, Thomas Kiene 0

Game 2

Pretending like the first game never happened, Juza chose to play. Thomas looked pained while contemplating his hand. "You're going to keep," Juza said.

"That's all I needed. It was just a nudge in the right direction." Kiene replied.

Thomas's hand was light on early action as he cast an Honor of the Pure but had no creatures through turn three. His turn four Assault Griffin was Doom Bladed and his Blinding Mage was Deathmarked.

Juza cast a Diabolic Tutor to fetch Call to Mind, which he used the next turn to re-buy the Doom Blade that killed Kiene's Azure Drake, leaving his opponent with only a Lone Missionaries and Phantom Beast to mount an offense. The Lone Missionaries became an immediate threat when it was enchanted with an Armored Ascension.

Juza had the answer for the Ascension in Æther Adept, bouncing the Missionaries.

"You hit the one-outer for my Armored Ascension. How nice," Thomas complained.

"I had more than one. . ."

"Oh. I guess you had two. But still. . ."

Unfazed, Martin continued to mount an assault. Though his Conundrum Sphinx was Pacifismed, the Czech had enough of an offense to attack and put Thomas at 2 life.

Usually Sign in Blood is used to draw cards, but when your opponent is at 2, it's also a lethal burn spell, and that's how Juza used it to win the second game.

Martin Juza 1, Thomas Kiene 0

Game 3

Neither player liked their seven card opener, but six was good for both as they prepared for the final game of the tournament (barring another Banshee draw).

Kiene started out strongly with a turn-two Stormfront Pegasus and turn-three Honor of the Pure, but Juza felt fine racing with his Child of Night since turn-four Azure Drake made for a good blocker against the Pegasus. Kiene got stuck on three land, and Juza used Alluring Siren to run Kiene's Stormfront Pegasus into Martin's Azure Drake.

A Conundrum Sphinx came down for Juza and he followed that with an Augury Owl, ensuring that the Sphinx's ability would be successful for Juza when it attacked. Alluring Siren kept running Kiene's creatures into Juza's larger creatures, and with Kiene lacking any sort of offense, the Conundrum Sphinx was able to take the game, the match, and the tournament.

Martin Juza defeats Thomas Kiene 2-0-1 to become Grand Prix-Portland champion!

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