Finals: Mirrodin Block Constructed

Posted in Event Coverage on May 16, 2004

By Aaron Forsythe

With Bob Maher up one format to none, the Magic Invitational Finals moved to Mirrodin Block Constructed. Both players were packing that pile of Arc-Sloggers, Pulse of the Forges, and Fireballs knows as Big Red. Maher's version splashed green for extra artifact removal, although I wonder how necessary that is. The deck was already good against affinity, and the changes make it worse in the mirror match according to the pundits.

Game 1

If Maher was at a disadvantage before the match began, his triple mulligan in Game 1 didn't make things any better.

But Mattias was stuck at four lands for about eight turns holding double Arc-Slogger, and had to discard over and over and over until he finally drew a Solemn Simulacrum. Bob, meanwhile had draw no business, just mana, and had seven lands and three Talismans in play when Jens hit the table.

Bob detonated Jens, and Mattias played out a worthless Damping Matrix. Bob then dropped the hammer and Fireballed Mattias for 9 down to 7. Mattias responded by Shrapnel Blasting Bob with the Matrix down to 9.

Mattias then untapped and Shrapnel Blasted Bob again, this time with a Darksteel Citadel, then finished him off with Pulse of the Forge.

No creature dealt any damage in that game--it was 33 points of burn.

Mattias 1 - Bob 0

Game 2

Bob mulliganed once (that makes four for the match so far). His first land was Darksteel Citadel but his second--Great Furnace--was Detonated. Mattias missed his own third land drop but had Echoing Ruin for Bob's second Furnace.

Mattias missed his third land drop again, but finally drew a Citadel a turn later, allowing him to Molten Rain Bob's Tree of Tales. A second Molten Rain a turn later took out Bob's Mountain, leaving him with a lonely Citadel and a hand of unplayable cards.

Detonate and Molten Rain #3 took out two more of Bob's lands, and Mattias killed him at his leisure with a Solemn Simulacrum and an Arc-Slogger

Mattias 2 - Bob 0

Mattias takes format #2, making the Online Extended the deciding format for the Invitational.

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