Finals - Naoki Nakada vs Taufik Indrakesuma

Posted in Event Coverage on July 14, 2010

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Taufik Indrakesuma won the die roll and elected to play first, keeping his opening hand without much deliberation. Naoki Nakada on the other hand, mulled it over for a while, before finally keeping it (I tricked you with the use of "mulled" there, didn't I?)

Nakada had a first turn Birds of Paradise, and the turn two Lotus Cobra, fetch land, three drop combo, summoning a Dauntless Escort alongside his snake. Indrakesuma made an Everflowing Chalice for one, but passed back his third turn with no play or green mana. Nakada attacked Indrakesuma down to 15. Into the Roil bounced the Cobra at end of turn, after Nakada had added a Noble Hierarch to his team, but no further beaters. Indrakesuma Pondered, and chose to shuffle, before playing a Jace and bouncing the Escort. Nakada replayed his Cobra and recruited Elspeth, Knight-Errant, which in turn sent the Hierarch over to kill Jace. Still without green mana, Indrakesuma turned Nakada's Plains into an Island with a Spreading Seas. The Cobra and the Birds of Paradise attacked Indrakesuma down to 10, but he Deprived the Dauntless Escort on the way back down, looking to reuse his Halimar Depths. Luckily, there was a Khalni Garden on top of his deck, and that swiftly powered out an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Nakada played a Jace of his own, and returned Emrakul to Indrakesuma's hand. With no room left to win, Indrakesuma scooped up his cards with a mock shriek.

Nakada sends in the clowns.

Nakada 1 – Indrakesuma 0

Indrakesuma had green mana game two, with a turn one Khalni Garden. Nakada summoned a Birds of Paradise, a Lotus Cobra and another Birds, thanks to a quick spot of Celestial Colonnade and Lotus Cobra interactivity. Elspeth was Negated, and a Noble Hierarch sent the Cobra in for 3. On his fourth turn, Indrakesuma looked sideways at Nakada's untapped Birds and his plant, and instead summoned the Mind Sculptor, Brainstorming. Nakada played a Misty Rainforest, allowing him to hard-cast an Eldrazi Conscription on his Birds of Paradise. He sent the Birds at the Jace, and the Cobra at the face. Indrakesuma sacrificed Jace and the Plant to the Annihilating Birds, and took 2 from the Cobra. He calmly untapped and Unsummoned the Birds. Nakada attacked with his Colonnade and Cobra, Indrakesuma kicking an Into the Roil at the snake. On the following turn, Nakada replayed the Cobra, and played a land to also give him enough mana to attack with his Colonnade. With his opponent now completely tapped out, Indrakesuma played Khalni Garden and turned the plant into a 15/15 Tentacly Monstery thing. Nakada had no play on his turn, and Emrakul proceeded to eat every single one of the Bant player's lands. Nakada untapped, and played an Oblivion Ring, bowing his head and putting himself at Indraesuma's mercy. Indrakesuma allowed it, and Nakada breathed a huge sigh of relief, attacking him down to 7 with the Cobra. When Nakada ended his turn, Indrakesuma pointed an Into the Roil at the Ring, and the audience went wild.

Indrakesuma had the bounce all along.

Nakada 1 – Indrakesuma 1

Nakada started the decider with a second turn Knight of the Reliquary that attacked for 3 the following turn, but was joined by nothing further from the Japanese player. Indrakesuma once again lacked green mana, and when he went to Unsummon the Knight on its next attack, he was thwarted by an Emerge Unscathed. Nakada summoned a Lotus Cobra, and Negated Indrakesuma's Deprive, which at least allowed him to pick up his Halimar Depths to try and dig up some green. Nakada's graveyard was slowly filling up with fetch lands. While Indrakesuma Deprived a Sovereigns of Lost Alara, the Knight and Cobra dropping the Indonesian to a low 7 life. With Nakada tapped out, he Unsummoned the Knight, but still lacked any green mana. The Cobra whittled him down to 5 and was rejoined by the Knight, only to be Into the Roil'd end of turn. Indrakesuma Pondered and again chose to shuffle, rounding out his turn with a little more library manipulation from his Halimar Depths. The Cobra took him to 3 and Nakada resolved a Linvala, Keeper of Silence. Indrakesuma finally played a Khalni Garden, and once again turned the plant into an Emrakul. Nakada untapped, and slammed his Jace, the Mind Sculptor into play. He bounced the Eldrazi and turned his team sideways, and Indrakesuma offered his hand in congratulations.

Naoki Nakada defeats Taufik Indrakesuma to become the 2010 Grand Prix Manila Champion!

The Top 4 of Grand Prix Manila 2010
Nakada and Jace, what a team!

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