Finals: Noah Boeken vs. Christoph Lippert

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Rui Oliveira

The players traded decks instead of reading the decklists to get a better feeling of the mana curves. Since they are friends they had no qualms discussing their options and land count. It took them a few minutes to get a good idea of all the cards and the potential problems they might have to face.

With the crowd pressing against the corded-out circle they finished checking the sideboards and got the actual playing underway.

Game 1

Lippert had to take a mulligan (he only had one Forest as land) but kept his second hand starting with Angelic Wall. Innocent Blood took that out of the way but the German quickly replaced it with another one.

On turn four Boeken Tutored for his precious Looter while Christoph dropped Thought Eater. Aether Burst took the Looter out of the table and Boeken thought long and hard before deciding to replay it. When he did he found out Lippert didn't have a counter for it.

Lippert's hand was so interesting he used Syncopate to stop a Fiend. This gave Noah Boeken the opening he wanted: Grotesque Hybrid. A turn later Lippert got his own monster, a hard cast Roar of the Wurm.

Boeken didn't have an immediate answer for it so he chose to take out the Eater with Morbid Hunger before the German flashbacked the Roar. Sure enough the second beast joined the fray and the Hybrid was now crucial to holding back the tokens.

They played "Draw, occasionally drop a minor creature, go" for a few turns buffing up the defense lines.

Noah (pointing at the Hybrid): "This is VERY good."
Christoph: "I know."

It seems Boeken main plan was to sit back, dig for answers and fuel his two Grinders. If he could deal the whole seventeen points of damage with them was another story. As Lippert sat and wondered how to escape out of that mess Boeken dropped the final bomb: Laquatus Champion.

Between the Champion and the Grinders Christoph lost seventeen life points in three turns. Impressive.

Noah 1 - 0 Christoph

Game 2

The German twiddled with his sideboard for a few minutes while Boeken's confidence turned into jokes and laughter. This time Lippert came out strong with Cephalid Looter on the third turn.

Two Organ Grinders showed up on the opposite side and Christoph responded with Mystic Zealot and Cephalid Aristrocrat. The Aristrocrat took out a Grinder but Boeken didn't even blink, he just replaced it with Repentant Vampire followed by Laquatus Champion.

Lippert had his back against the wall. He attacked with a flyer and passed the turn.

Noah: "This is going to be my favourite play of the day!"

He played a Fiend and before seeing Christoph's hand he was already chanting for the Second Thoughts. That was a devastating blow to Lippert's plans. He now had no answer for the two black monsters.

A swing later he knew he had no chance and extended his hand with a smile.

Noah 2 - 0 Christoph

Final Result: Noah Boeken wins Grand Prix Barcelona!

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