Finals: Rankko Bongo Wheshiwheshi vs. Ace Ten Off

Posted in Event Coverage on June 8, 2003

By Tomi Walamies

Wilfried is known as an all-round good guy. Kamiel is kind of slow, but he does relatively well anyway. Due to my rather quick assignment to the job, I am not sure what colors they are playing. But we shall see.

Game 1

Kamiel is going first ("Ze nineteen with ze dice!" –Wilfried). Kamiel mulligans. He gets a turn one Imagecrafter, followed by Cloudreach Cavalry. The combo! Followed by Dreamer, Kamiel has quite the mulligan. Wilfried's GR deck has no play in the first three rounds. Kamiel decides to landcycle a big flyer as his draw is quite good anyway. Scattershot takes care of the dreamer though, and 4/4 Canopy Crawler shows up. Flier hits him to seven, and Kamiel morphs. Crawler goes agro and 4/4 Stag Beetle arrives...but what about the flier? Can Wilfried pull out from this one?

Four life, getting interesting. Lowland Tracker makes quite the pitiful appearance. Stag Beetle sends. Another morph for Wilfried, who is rubbing his neck. Kamiel drops Windborn Muse and hits his opponent down to one. Needleshot Gourna arrives for Wilfried, but will mister Cornelissen realize he has two fliers? He doesn't have to, due to an Echo Tracer.

Wilfried 0 – 1 Kamiel

Looks like Kamiel's choice to landcycle on turn four, and hence playing around the Scattershot decided the game. Purely tempo-oriented thinking is not always good, even in this format. Although it helps to mise drops turns 1-3.

Game 2

Wilfried leads with a mountain, and Kamiel has no Imagecrafter. No two drops either. Morph for Ranque (the bad 3/3 elf guy), and Mistform Wall for Kamiel. Wilfried sends but Kamiel calls the bluff. Symbiotic Elf hits the table and wonders what he is doing in this matchup. Farseer for Kamiel, along with Dragon Scales on the Wall. Has red-green ever received such a beating? Spitting Gourna shows up. Kamiel only has a morph for his turn five.

Wilfried cycles a Tusker to get his sixth land. Kamiel keeps looking at the Farseer. Shifting Sliver? Well I suppose he has to break through against the double-Gourna deck. Wilfried does nothing with seven lands in play, four cards in hand. Kamiel drops a second morph. Sliver sends like it's nothing, dropping Wilfried to 18. Wilfried casts a Murlodont and keeps his guys at bay. Kamiel unmorphs Tracer end of turn targeting the Gourna, but Wilfried Scattershots the flier for two. Sliver sends with his homie Mistform Wall. Kamiel passes after a morph.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate both teams for their finals appearance.

Wilfried has a morph, and he attacks with the Murlodont. Through! Gourna is replayed as Wilfried's land number nine hits the table...he really needs spells soon. Jesse's older brother beat Ranque to ten and passes, three cards in hand. Gourna and Murlodont are sent into the red zone. Kamiel seems hesitant to lose his 2/6 Sliver wall to some burn. No he doesn't. Wall blocks Murlo, morph takes Gourna. After damage is on the stack, a dying Chromeshell Crab brings the Gourna over.

Wilfried plays Timberwatch and morph after combat. Slivers bash the Frenchman down to six, time is running out. Murlodont, Symbiotic and the three morphs go at it in an all-out attack. Kamiel blocks everything but the Murlodont. Kamiel concedes as his friends both lost. Looks like this match was the lamest, as Kamiel even has three Echo Tracers.

So the American team did not win. The crowd is disappointed, and I am sure that everyone has something to think about today. But it was a great tournament in an excellent place.

Tomi out.

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