Finals (Rotisserie): Kai Budde vs. Dan Clegg

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Matthew Vienneau

Kai was up two matches to none going into the first limited round of the finals, the Rotisserie draft deck portion. Both players began the match by bragging about their individual limited ranking exploits. It took a while for them to each detail how they had maintained their stellar rankings despite playing local store tournaments and pre-releases. Many pros do not play in local sanctioned tournaments, as the risk to their ranking is too great for tournaments that they don't have the time to prepare for as much as they do for professional events. It's good to see that playing locally can pay off!

In an interesting and unexpected twist, the two finalists are from different pods in the Rotisserie draft so neither of them knows what is in their opponent's deck. But those of you following the coverage are no doubt aware that Kai is playing a black-white deck starring Cabal Patriarch and Wayward Angel while Dan is running a black-blue deck that also stars Cabal Patriarch as well as Shadowmage Infiltrator. Unfortunately for Dan, the Patriarch is a Legend so we'll have to see if he notices!

Kai began with a double mulligan but he managed a land on each of the first three turns as well as a Beloved Chaplain to help hold the ground. Dan brought out some control with a Puppeteer and little else until a turn five Cursed Monstrosity that Kai stopped with a Kirtar's Desire.

As with most limited matches, both players played a variety of creatures and solutions, with Dan having control of the board through the Puppeteer. A Rites of Refusal, a card that many find non-playable, prevented Kai from bringing out a tapper of his own in Nomad Decoy.

Things were looking good for Clegg as he began serving with a 4/4 Whispering Shade that could not be blocked, but Kai put any hopes of a quick beating to rest by playing Cabal Patriarch. As anyone who has played against the Patriarch knows, it is nearly impossible to defeat the Patriarch or its controller with creatures.

A few turns later this was borne out as the only creature in play was the Patriarch, and no one is in good shape when their opponent has a 5/5 and they have no blockers. After getting repeatedly thrashed for five, Dan conceded.

Budde - 1
Clegg - 0

The second game started off well for Kai with a turn two Mystic Visionary but it went even better for Dan with a turn three Shadowmage Infiltrator. Apparently Jon Finkel's card will be a factor in more than one of the Invitational Final formats! In fact, it will be a huge factor as Kai plays one of his own to block after using Afflict to draw a card and prevent Dan from doing so when he attacked the previous turn

But the Infiltrators looked pretty puny as Dan played Cabal Patriarch on turn six with a satisfied "Yeah!" Kai answered with a Sadistic Hypnotist to sacrifice his Zealot to empty Dan's hand while simultaneously using Kirtar's Desire to keep the massive 5/5 Wizard Legend from attacking. But with a Puppeteer, Infiltrator, Patriarch and Dusk Imp in play, Dan was in no trouble of losing this game and within a few turns Kai conceded.

Budde - 1
Clegg - 1

Kai came out strong in the third game with a turn three Hallowed Healer and Dan responded with a Peek that revealed that Kai was holding a lot of land, Afflict, and Wayward Angel. A few turns later Kai revealed a sideboarded Cease Fire that he brought in to help win the race to get the Cabal Patriarch into play. He followed that up with an attempt to play the Wayward Angel but Dan was waiting for that with the Rites of Refusal, discarding Cursed Monstrosity.

Dan then took control of the game with Cabal Patriarch the following turn. Again Kai responded with a Sadistic Hypnotist and he sacrificed it immediately to get Dan to discard Patriarch's Desire and Zombie Assassin. But as usual when the Patriarch enters play, it's just a matter of time and Kai fought for a few more turns before conceding to the massive 5/5 beatings.

Game Result: Budde 1 - Clegg 2

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