First Draft - Gerardo Godinez

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By Josh Bennett

2000 Magic Invitational Competitor Gerardo Godinez needs no introduction. The always irreverant player from Mexico boasts a talent and easygoing attitude that few can match. He sat down for his first Day 1 draft in an orange jersey sporting his country's flag. He was in fourth seat, arguably one of the best.

The lines were drawn quickly as the first pack was opened. First seat chose Exotic Curse over Llanowar Knight, Pincer Spider, Sleeper's Robe and Verdeloth the Ancient. The Pincer Spider went next, then Jorge Estefan, Godinez's right-hand neighbor, took the Robe. This left the big green legend for Godinez. To his left, Ignacio Gomez took Phyrexian Reaper.

Godinez received a gift of Charging Troll when seat two first-picked Thornscape Apprentice. Estefan got a Barrin's Spite in the meantime, and Gomez dipped into white for Stormscape Apprentice. It was bombs away for Estefan, who cracked Yawgmoth's Agenda. Godinez snagged a Thornscape Apprentice, and Gomez continued his path with Tower Drake. Godinez wasted no time taking the Ghitu Fire he opened.

On the other side of the table, things were not so friendly. A wealth of red cards had everyone tripping over themselves trying to find a workable color combination. This let a Probe go seventh, after Gomez took the Crosis he opened.

Godinez stayed tight within green-white-splash-red. He collected Serpentine Kavu, Treefolk Healer, Obsidian Acolyte and Yavimaya Barbarian, as well as a Fertile Ground to ease up his mana. Unfortunately for him, all the white mages were on his left, and the direction was about to reverse.

A downright ridiculous Planeshift packThe first Planeshift pack was ridiculous, including Terminate, Magma Burst, Flametongue Kavu and Shivan Wurm. Godinez was delighted to see the large beast make it to him. He took Singe over Gerrard's Command next, apparently worried about removal. Then he got a Thornscape Familiar.

The fourth pack gave him his second legend: Nemata, Grove Guardian. Unfortunately, that was the end of the excitement for him. He opened an empty pack, taking a Phyrexian Scuta out of spite, and collected another Familiar, a Command, and a Rith's Grove.

Godinez's Apocalypse was interesting. One one hand, he managed to get a Coalition Honor Guard and some Standard Bearers to mess with his opponent's plans, as well as some worthwhile cards like Manacles of Decay and Penumbra Kavu. However, he had to watch as the players in front of him took Penumbra Wurm and Spiritmonger. If he didn't have so much fat already, he might have felt inadequate.

The issues with his deck are clear. He lacks acceleration and dedicated removal. However, he has very powerful monsters, and flagbearers are more tricky than many realize. It helps that many of the Apocalypse power cards, like Jilt and Goblin Legionnaire, were kept to a minimum, and the confused drafting at the other side of the table drafted the remaining goodies into dangerous mana configurations. I put him on a 2-1 performance.

Gerardo Godinez

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