First Draft: Itaru Ishida

Posted in Event Coverage on May 31, 2002

By Sideboard Staff


  Masayuki Higashino Youhei Yamamoto  
Harufumi Sasahara     Yoshitaka Nakano
Itaru Ishida     Yuusuke Wakizaka
  Dai Satou Kazuhiko Mitsuya  

The players at Table 2 eyed each other warily as they sat down to draft. All 5-1, each of them wants to pick three wins, putting them in range of the Top 8. Competition at Table 2 is usually the highest in the draft, with a large compliment of skilled players, but with this year's pairings based on yesterday's Standard results, this was not the case. The only name players here are Itaru Ishida and Masayuki Higashino. Still, the fact that the others made it to the Nationals means they can't be underestimated.


1st pick: Rabid Elephant. Other picks: Aven Fisher, Krosan Archer

2nd pick: Patriarch's Desire

3rd pick: Cephalid Scout

4th pick: AEther Burst. Other picks: Syncopate

5th pick: Cartographer.

6th pick: Morgue Theft.

7th pick: Cartographer.

8th pick: Chatter of the Squirrel. Other picks: Dematerialize

9th pick: Deluge.

10th pick: Rites of Initiation.

11th pick: Words of Wisdom.

12th pick: Scorching Missile.

13th pick: Overeager Apprentice.

14th pick: Nomad Stadium.

15th pick: Tremble.


1st pick: Crippling Fatigue. Other picks: Violent Eruption, Compulsion

2nd pick: Balshan Collaborator. Other picks: Basking Rootwalla, Cabal Torturer

3rd pick: Gloomdrifter. Other picks: Nantuko Cultivator

4th pick: Hydromorph Gull. Other picks: Skywing Aven, Acorn Harvest

5th pick: Hydromorph Guardian. Other picks: Shade's Form, Liquify

6th pick: Strength of Lunacy. Other picks: Gravegouger

7th pick: Acorn Harvest.

8th pick: Obsessive Search.

9th pick: Liquify.

10th pick: Cabal Surgeon.

11th pick: Ghostly Wings.

12th pick: Ghostly Wings.

13th pick: Equal Treatment.

14th pick: Restless Dreams.


1st pick: Treacherous Werewolf. Other picks: Lost in Thought

2nd pick: Lost in Thought. Other picks: Sudden Strength

3rd pick: Nullmage Advocate. Other picks: Anurid Brushhopper, Arcane Teachings

4th pick: Giant Warthog.

5th pick: Mental Note.

6th pick: Harvester Druid.

7th pick: Prismatic Strands.

8th pick: Anurid Barkripper.

9th pick: Nantuko Tracer.

10th pick: Swirling Sandstorm.

11th pick: Suntail Hawk.

12th pick: Flash of Insight.

13th pick: Mists of Stagnation.

14th pick: Morality Shift.

15th pick: Folk Medicine.

"It's going to be an uphill battle." This was the only comment Ishida was willing to give about his deck. He started out trying to make a UG deck with Odyssey, but wasn't able to pick up any decent green, and eventually switched to black in Torment with Crippling Fatigue. This proved to be a good choice, as he was able to get a Balshan Collaborator and Gloomdrifter, and added to his blue with the solid Hydromorph Gull. However, the blue and black dried up after that, leaving him with suboptimal support cards. Unfortunately for Ishida, he was stuck between Sasahara, drafting UW, and Higashino, who was forcing RB. Ishida continued with blue-black in Judgment, but branched into green with his third pick, Nullmage Advocate. In the end, this worked out for him, enabling him to put together a UG deck with a splash of black. In hindsight, he expressed regret about not taking the Compulsion and Basking Rootwalla from his Torment packs. In the end, Ishida said "I don't know if the packs were weak, or if people were trying to cut me off from my colors. I just wasn't able to open good cards."

Itaru Ishida

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