Friday, 4:17 p.m.: The Metagame - Expecting the Expected

Posted in Event Coverage on August 12, 2011

By Hanno Terbuyken

As always, German Nationals happen late in the season. Japan, France, USA and Italy have all found their champions and teams for Worlds already. The 195 players who came to Iserlohn to grab their piece of glory took a good look at those decks and decided that this would be their metagame, too. With four rounds of Standard done, we've asked a couple of players what they had expected to face here. The results? Not really surprising. (We'll have the metagame breakdown for you tomorrow, so you can see how the expectations of the players compared to the facts.)

Florian Pils (U/B Control):

"I expected Caw-Blade, Valakut, Tempered Steel, Mono-Red and U/B Control. I did play against Valakut, an Eldrazi deck, Mono-Red and U/B Control – but I wouldn't have minded not playing against the last two."


Tobias Gräfensteiner (Valakut):

"Mostly Control, that was my expectation, especially Caw-Blade and U/B. If people would go aggro, I'd expected them to choose Tempered Steel."


Simon Görtzen (Caw-Blade):

"Do you want percentages? 20 % Caw-Blade, 10 % each for Birthing Pod decks, Valakut, U/B, Mono-R including Goblins, and 7% Tempered Steel. But really, the metagame is Caw-Blade and decks that try to beat it. That's why I am playing Caw-Blade."


Klaus Jöns (Valakut):

"I can beat those numbers! 21 % Caw-Blade, 12 % U/B Control, 10 % Valakut and Pod-Decks, then Steel, Mono-Red and various combo decks. Really, though, percentages don't really mean much beforehand. I expected those decks, in that order of popularity."


Andre Müller (U/B Control):

"Caw-Blade would be the most played deck, then Valakut, U/B Control and Tempered Steel."

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