Fun with the Stack

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By Paul Barclay


Scott Johns versus David Jafari Round 16. Late in game 3, the following play happened:

David played an Ophidian. Scott responded with a Mana Short targeting David. David attempted to play Counterspell on the Mana Short. Scott played Force of Will on David's Counterspell. David responded with Misdirection, targeting Mana Short (you don't choose the new target for the spell until the Misdirection resolves). Scott followed up with a Misdirection of his own on the Counterspell.

Neither player wanted to play any more spells, so the stack began to resolve. Scott chose to Misdirect the Counterspell to the Ophidian. David's Misdirection changed the target of the Mana Short to Scott. Scott's Force of Will resolved, countering the Counterspell. The Mana Short resolved, tapping Scott's one remaining untapped land. Last of all, the Ophidian resolved.

Scott shook his head, untapped, played Accumulated Knowledge for four cards, played Illusions of Grandeur, then Donate, and finally Capsize to win the match.

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