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By Josh Bennett

Ryan Fuller seems to be the go-to guy when it comes to Invasion Block Constructed. Not only did his Team's G-R Beatdown deck put four people into the Top 8 of Pro Tour Tokyo, he took a U-W-B "Go-mar" deck to GP Moscow and won the whole thing.

In light of those performances, the presence of many similar decks is understandable. Surprising, however, is the torrent of B-R decks that have shown up. Everything from the B-R-g deck that Dave Williams took to the Top 8 at Tokyo to more aggressive designs featuring twelve two-drops.

Also shocking is the lack of U-W "Solution" decks patterned after Tokyo Champion Zvi Mowshowitz's creation. These decks are tailored to punish decks with red cards, and with so many in the field it seems like an excellent choice. Perhaps players expected Fuller's success with Go-Mar to spark interest in that archetype, and planned on facing less red.

The Domain decks are, on the whole, less focused on the Global Ruin/Collective Restraint lock, running more creatures and countermagic. The B-U decks are fairly standard Yawgmoth's Agenda decks, like that of Tokyo Finalist Tsuyoshi Fujita.

Deck ArchetypeNumber Appearing
B/R 39
G/R Beats20
B/U Control11
B/R/U Control4
U/W "Solution"3
G/W/R Eladamri's Call1
W/G Beats1
W/G/U Control1

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