Gateway Draft: Bryan Hubble

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By Tony Tsai

Hubble, a Pro Tour mainstay, was able to use his two Grand Prix Top 8 experience to pilot a mediocre sealed deck to reach the draft portion of the Masters gateway.

Pack 1

When Bryan opened his first pack, he was faced with a somewhat difficult decision. There was no clear cut bomb card, but the best cards in the pack were Crashing Centaur, Thermal Blast, and Cephalid Looter. With the cards being somewhat equal, he showed a preference for blue and took the Looter. The next pack had a few cards that would move him into a second color (Werebear, Shelter), but he chose the only good blue card, Syncopate, to cut off blue cards to the left with thoughts of being rewarded in the second pack. The next pack had no blue cards of significance, so when faced with the decision of Werebear, Chain Flinger, and Childhood Horror, Bryan shook his head as he took the Chainflinger, not happy with the prospects of a U/R deck. A chance of an alternate path presented itself in the next path when there was still a Wild Mongrel, but after passing good green cards in the previous 3 packs Bryan chose a Halberdier sticking to his colors. In the remainder of the first pack, Bryan was able to get a Flame Burst, Ember Beast, Deluge (over Acceptable Losses), Fervent Denial (over Psionic Gift).

Pack 2

When opening a pack, its common practice to look at the rare and hope it is something gassy in your colors. Once you read the Cephalid Shrine and realize its not first pick worthy, there is a quick scan through the rest of the cards in hopes of finding hidden treasures. When the only playable cards prospects are Scrivener and Acceptable Losses, it is time to expand your color horizons. With a big sigh, Bryan picked a Mystic Zealot. The next few packs were a bit better, and he was able to acquire a Thermal Blast, Fire Bolt, Embolden. His picks second pack were somewhat disappointing as he realized the person to his left didn't take the bait and was not playing green as many good green cards were funneled through him.

Pack 3

Today is not a good day for Brian. When he opened the last pack, the only decent card was Syncopate. The next few picks were pretty academic, as he grabbed up a Cephalid Broker, Mystic Zealot, Chainflinger, Flame Burst, and a late pick Cognivore, surprisingly one of the best creatures in his deck.

Brian's R/U/W deck is decent but doesn't seem strong enough to win the table, which is necessary to qualify for the Masters. Always an optimist, Brian thinks his chances to win with the deck are slim to none. "This deck is my tribute to the USA!"

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