Gateway Round 4: Kyle Rose vs. Alexander Witt

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By Mark Wraith

Kyle Rose vs. Alexander Witt

These players stood three rounds away from the Masters Series at this point. Kyle has had experience of the Masters before, with two prior appearances. Alex is an up-and-coming Dutch player whose results on the Tour have been getting steadily better.

Game 1

Witt gets a pretty fast start going first with a second turn Wild Mongrel, and Kyle's Peek shows that Alex has a decent hand as well, with Repel, Muscle Burst, and Deep Reconnaissance, but no other creatures. Kyle has to suck up four damage from the Mongrel while he waits for his Cephalid Looter to get active.

The Dutch player summons a Krosan Avenger on his fourth turn, a dangerous-looking force with the Muscle Burst as backup in his hand. Rose brings out an Angelic Wall and a Thought Eater as blockers, and the Eater's drawback makes him lose a card. Then it was the Alex's turn to Peek, notably finding out that had a Second Thoughts in his hand. Nevertheless Witt plays Seton's Desire on his Avenger, and attacks with both the Mongrel and Avenger, using his Muscle Burst to take out Kyle's Angelic Wall that had blocked the Mongrel.

Rose didn't want to play anything on his fifth turn, preferring to keep his mana open to use Second Thoughts. Witt didn't have anything that could stop this, so he just attacked with the Mongrel. It was removed from the game and replaced by a Metamorphic Wurm.

Kyle Rose

Kyle attacked with his Thought Eater for a second time and played Aven Smokeweaver and Angelic Wall as potential blockers. Still it wasn't enough for him to block the Krosan Avenger, and the resulting five damage knocked him to six life. Alex followed the attack up with a Werebear and a Krosan Beast. Alex's board position would have been insane if he had had Threshold, but there were only four cards in his graveyard.

Rose had nothing on his next turn, and the Avenger attacked again. It was double-blocked this time by Aven Smokeweaver and Thought Eater, and Alex chose not to use Repel and save the Avenger. Letting the Avenger die put six cards in his graveyard, and the Repel would have been the seventh, except that Kyle had a second Syncopate and removed it from the game instead.

Nevertheless, he still attacked with all three of his creatures, and Rose let the two 1/1s through going down to four. Anything that put a card in Alex's graveyard would almost certainly win it at this point, but the card he drew was pretty good as well. He used Scrivener to fetch back Muscle Burst, and attacked. Rose survived the attack but had no choice but to kill off one of Witt's attackers. This finally gave him Threshold and meant that his board was an 8/8 Krosan Beast, a 6/6 Metamorphic Wurm, and the Scrivener. Rose had no answer to the fat on display, and had to scoop after chump-blocking for a turn.

Witt 1 - Kyle - Rose 0

Game 2

Alexander Witt

This time the American went first, but his draw was pretty bad. He played Plains on the first two turns, before saying done a couple of times, and he had to discard once as Alex summoned a Werebear and two Krosan Avengers. When he found a third land he played a Cephalid Looter, which immediately traded for one of the Avengers, but he was already on nine. Witt played a Wild Mongrel, and Rose didn't draw a fourth land. He managed to summon a Mystic Visionary, but he had to scoop when Alex showed him a Repel.

Final Result: Alexander Witt 2 - Kyle Rose 0

Kyle wished Alex luck in the next round and Alex commiserated with him on the bad luck of his mana screw in game two. Alex's deck seemed pretty solid in any case.

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