Gateway Round 4: Mike Long vs. Peter Szigeti

Posted in Event Coverage on January 17, 2003

By Josh Bennett

In a clash between two consummate bad guys, one would expect the sparks to start flying right away. But as veteran Mike Long and upstart Peter "PTR" Szigeti sat across from each other, there was nothing but tense silence. Long, the former Invitational Champion and always under a cloud of controversy, sporting a rugged mountain-man beard. Szigeti, who's game is only just now being recognized as much as his mouth, clean shaven and steely-eyed. At Houston, Szigeti ground into the Masters, and is on-pace for a repeat. They piled and riffled, then presented decks.

"Good luck." - Mike Long
"Do you want me to win?" - Peter Szigeti
"I'd rather I win." - Mike Long
"Then why wish me good luck?" - Peter Szigeti
"I just ... Good luck." - Mike Long

That exchange set the tone for the rest of the match. Szigeti was all stares and irritated tone, while Long played the amicable opponent.

Game 1

Careful Study
Long had the early advantaged when his Careful Study discarded Deep Analysis and Basking Rootwalla, leaving Wonder in his hand. Szigeti fired back with a Study of his own, but could only discard Island and Wonder. Long continued to press his advantage, flashing back his Deep Analysis and then attacking into Szigeti's Mongrel, trading his turn for two cards out of Szigeti's hand. Szigeti beat in and made an Aquamoeba. Long answered with Wonder. His pair of Arrogant Wurms would have to wait a turn.

Szigeti's next turn made up some of that lost ground. He attacked, and when his Mongrel went unblocked, he pitched Deep Analysis to it and flashed it back. He followed that up with a Quiet Speculation for two Roar of the Wurm and another Analysis. Long was no longer way ahead on cards. Long untapped and put out Aquamoeba with three mana at the ready. Szigeti swung into him, trading a card in hand for the Wonder, then tried a Roar. Long had the Logic.

Long dropped his sixth land and swung in with his Aquamoeba, madnessing an Arrogant Wurm for damage. Szigeti flashed back another Roar and held back. Long waited for him. The Wurm token came in, and Long madnessed the other Arrogant Wurm to take it down. He still had to hold back though. Szigeti calmly Speculated again, putting another Analysis and Roar in the yard. He flashed back the Roar and liked the strength of his position.

Long untapped and pulled up a good one: Careful Study, powering up his hand and turning on his two Centaur Gardens. He turned his Arrogant Wurm sideways, forcing Szigeti into a gang-block. It only meant that he traded his Wurm and two Gardens for Szigeti's token and Mongrel. Both players had just Aquamoeba on the board.

Szigeti gassed up with one of his Analyses, falling to six. He swung in and they traded their Aquamoeba's and irrelevant pitches. Szigeti tapped out for Wonder. Long went one better, with a Deep Analysis from hand and a Basking Rootwalla. Szigeti Analyzed again, going to three. Wonder brought Long to seven, and he played out Mongrel and Aquamoeba.

Long tried a Mongrel. Szigeti paused, saying "Thinking". He let it by, and then when Long swung in with Rootwalla, he traded his Aquamoeba for it, madnessing a 'Walla of his own. Long was fast running out of steam. With just two lands in hand he resolved a Looter and hoped it was enough.

Szigeti pulled a key Careful Study. It madnessed an Arrogant Wurm into play, and traded a useless island for some more action. His Rootwalla traded for the two cards in Long's hand. Long drew Rootwalla and thought he had the answer. Szigeti swung in and when Long tried the Rootwalla via the Looter, Szigeti got it out of the way with Circular Logic. Now Long had no way to stop the Wurm. His Mongrel dove in front of Szigeti's but the damage had been done. At three life, he drew, Looted and then got bashed.

Szigeti 1 - Long 0

Game 2

Game 2 was much more of a farce. Long double-mulliganed, then stared at a hand of Island, Rootwalla, Moment's Peace, Roar and Circular Logic. In the end, he went to four. It had a little more game. Mongrel, Logic, forest and island.

Szigeti got to play with seven cards. At first, it looked like Long would have the better of him. Szigeti opened with Rootwalla, and had no turn-two play so bashed for damage. Long dropped a Mongrel, and then another, while Szigeti did nothing but sit back on his defender. Long swung, and pitched island and Aquamoeba to be rid of it.

Szigeti played Careful Study, and when he madnessed Arrogant Wurm, Long was ready with Circular Logic. He swung and brought Szigeti to twelve. Unfortunately, his good fortune ran out there. Szigeti had another Study for Arrogant Wurm. Long Looted in response, and Szigeti rolled his eyes, defying the chance of Circular Logic. Long drew another Moment's Peace, and sent one to the yard. Szigeti continued to punish with Quiet Speculation for Krosan Reclamation, Deep Analysis and Roar of the Wurm, and then Wild Mongrel. Long didn't have the resources to keep up.

Szigeti soon declared a lethal attack, and after Long activated his Looter, dropped a pair of Circular Logics onto the table, raising his eyebrows suggestively. Long extended the hand in defeat.

PT Chicago Masters Gateway 2003: U/G Madness

Download Arena Decklist

Final Result: Peter Szigeti defeats Mike Long 2-0

PT Chicago Masters Gateway 2003: U/G Madness

Download Arena Decklist

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