Gateway Round 4: Nicolai Herzog vs. Mattias Jorstedt

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By Josh Bennett

Nicolai Herzog vs. Mattias Jorstedt

Both these players had drafted powerhouses in an effort to win the table and claim their minimum two thousand dollar check. Herzog had pulled together a deck heavy in green with three Werebears for acceleration. Jorstedt had a traditional blue-white deck that touched black for Ghastly Demise.

Herzog had to mulligan his first hand in game one. His second hand wasn't much better, but he decided to gamble on one land and two Werebears, playing first. After stumbling on turn two, he pulled a forest. Jorstedt meanwhile had made Patrol Hound and Cephalid Looter, swinging with the Hound.

Herzog smoothly passed his fifth turn with three forests and two active Werebears. Jorstedt swung again, and Beast Attack tried to ice the Hound. Shelter before blocking made the save. Kirtar's Desire stopped the beast from taking over.

The Looter worked overtime, giving Jorstedt access to Treetop Sentinel and a second Desire for Herzog's Rabid Elephant. An Aven Windreader joined the party. Herzog's lack of black mana was apparent. Way behind in the race, he tried to turn it around with Otarian Juggernaut, Limestone Golem, and the second beast. However, Jorstedt had Second Thoughts, and ample blockers. Moment's Peace bought Herzog two turns, and no more.

Mattias Jorstedt

In the second game Herzog seemed to hit his stride, on the board quickly with Druid Lyrist and Werebear. Jorstedt put a stop to that with Patrol Hound. Herzog's third turn was just a Last Rites for two that snagged Aven Windreader and Dreamwinder, but still had no way to break through on the ground.

Jorstedt continued to summon monsters, and for a moment Herzog seemed in danger. He stopped the bleeding with Krosan Archer. For a few turns, neither player moved. Herzog made a Rabid Elephant that looked promising, but refused to attack into Jorstedt's six untapped mana. He made a Beast token, but again held back.

Finally, Jorstedt couldn't bluff the Second Thoughts any longer, and tapped low for Treetop Sentinel. Herzog came back with Ghastly Demise. His attack knocked Jorstedt to twelve. Jorstedt threw everything he had at the problem, always one step behind. Krosan Avenger was surprisingly key, regenerating to survive multiple combats and straining Jorstedt resources. When Jorstedt was completely spent, it walked in for the win.

Nicolai Herzog

Herzog opened with Druid Lyrist and Werebear again in the second game. However, this time Jorstedt didn't have his boys minding the ground. Diabolic Tutor fetched Beast Attack for Herzog, who quickly had 4/4's in the house. Ghastly Demise on the Lyrist paved the way for two Kirtar's Desires to keep things manageable.

Gravedigger brought the Lyrist back for an encore, freeing a token. Jorstedt's Treetop Sentinel looked like an answer until Herzog displayed Morbid Hunger. Herzog threw caution to the wind, throwing away his two Werebears to knock Jorstedt to two. Next turn he tapped out for the Hunger. Jorstedt tapped two, but then smiled and extended the hand.

Final Result: Nicolai Herzog defeats Mattias Jorstedt 2-1

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