Gateway Round 6: David Jafari vs. Oyvind Odegaard

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By Toby Wachter

David Jafari vs. Oyvind Odegaard

The winner of this match would walk away with a guaranteed $2000 payout, and the chance to play for even more. Jafari is running black/blue Psychatog, while Odegaard has green/blue/red with maindeck Blurred Mongoose. Jafari will need to contain this untargetable, uncounterable creature, and force through his Shadowmage Infiltrators.

Game 1

Odegaard started off strong with two Blurred Mongooses, but Jafari played Shadowmage Infiltrator, which stayed back on defense to hold off Odegaard's army. To make matters worse, Odegaard was stuck at three lands. Jafari played a second Finkel, but it was Counterspelled. Urza's Rage was sent towards the Infiltrator, but Jafari saved it with Repulse. This cleared the way for the Mongooses to attack for four points of damage, and Finkel came back down on Jafari's next turn.

Oyvind Odegaard

A total of three Memory Lapses were played by Jafari in the next few turns, setting Odegaard back even further from getting out of his mana stall. A Nightscape Familiar showed up to hold off the Mongooses, allowing Finkel to get to work. Thieving Magpie soon joined the team, giving Jafari a significant amount of card advantage. Jafari played Fact or Fiction on end step, and a counter war resulted. A second Fact or Fiction was added to the stack by Jafari, and Odegaard conceded.

Jafari- 1 Odegaard- 0

Game 2

David Jafari

Interestingly enough, Odegaard chose to draw first. He had a turn two Mongoose while Jafari had Nightscape Familiar, but Odegaard had Repulse. The Familiar came back out, and Odegaard had a Flametongue Kavu, which was Counterspelled. Odegaard attacked with the Mongoose, and brought out Bearscape. Jafari then brought out Shadowmage Infiltrator, and was able to attack thanks to his Familiar holding back the Mongoose. Odegaard tried to apply some pressure by activating Bearscape, but Jafari had Hibernation waiting.

A few turns later, Jafari played Lobotomy and responded with Hibernation. This brought Bearscape back to Odegaard's hand, and Lobotomy resolved, removing the enchantment from Odegaard's deck. Shadowmage Infiltrator continued its attack, and Psychatog was soon summoned to finish up the job.

Final Result: Jafari- 2 Odegaard- 0

David Jafari

Download Arena Decklist

Oyvind Odegaard

Download Arena Decklist
Sorcery (4)
4 Call of the Herd
Enchantment (2)
1 Bearscape 1 Holistic Wisdom
Other (4)
4 Fire/Ice
60 Cards

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