Gateway Round 6: Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Alexander Witt

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By Josh Bennett

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Alexander Witt

Just one more match win was all either of these players needed. That would secure them a berth in the Masters Series, as well as the $2000 that accompanies it. Neither Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz nor Alexander Witt is a stranger to top-level competition. OMS is with red-green beats, and Witt is playing Psychatog-control. Unlucky for him that OMS is fresh off a victory against Brian Davis, who played a similar deck. Worse, Witt is metagamed away from red-green beats.

A mulligan from Witt lifted OMS's spirits. Even playing second he was at a ridiculous advantage. He started off with Birds of paradise and Kavu Titan. Witt answered with Psychatog. OMS punished him with Flametongue Kavu. Witt had to pitch Gainsay (maindeck!) and Disrupt, and remove them from the game to save.

OMS dropped Keldon Necropolis and swung with his Flametongue. Witt blocked and pitched. Then, once damage was stacked, Repulsed his 'Tog. OMS considered, then let it go. He kicked up a Kavu Titan and passed it back. All Witt could do was replay his Psychatog.

OMS was rolling now. Ice tapped the Psychatog, and Raging Kavu came down swinging. Suddenly, Witt was at six, and facing more pain the following turn. He had countermagic for OMS's second Ice, but it didn't matter, as the horde ran him over.

OMS chose to max out on mana on turn three, having two Elves and a Bird in addition to his three land. Witt Peeked, and saw two Call of the Herd and Flametongue Kavu. Pretty strong. Psychatog got ready to take one for the team.

Again, Witt saved his 'Tog from Flametongue by pitching and removing two. OMS swung with his Elves, and Witt ate one at the expense of two cards in his graveyard. Witt continued to hide behind his 'Tog, eating the incoming FTK by pitching Counterspell and land.

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz

When Witt refused to make another play, OMS threw caution to the wind and played both Calls. Witt Recoiled one and caught OMS's only card: Urza's Rage. Psychatog ate the other on the next attack. OMS flashed a Call back.

Witt continue to pull like a pro with Repulse for the elephant token. A kicked Kavu Titan gave him more trouble. Recoil bought him some time. OMS stopped further shenanigans with Spellbane Centaur.
However, now it seemed that Witt was in the driver's seat. He Undermined OMS's Titan, and pecked at his hand with Ravenous Rats. His graveyard was flush, making his Psychatog a serious threat. He had counterspell for Flametongue Kavu. Opt brought out a second Psychatog.

And now Witt was on the offensive, swinging with one 'Tog. OMS took it, and tapped the other with Ice, trying to push through. The Rats ate an Elf, and were Repulsed, further taxing OMS's resources. Another Psychatog entered play. OMS played Flametongue Kavu, and Witt let it die.

For two turns, neither made a play. Then OMS tried an end of turn Raging Kavu successfully. His attempt to duplicate the feat met Counterspell. Witt played out his last Psychatog. Then OMS played Shivan Wurm, bouncing his Flametongue! Witt had no play on his turn! The Flametongue tried to come back, and Witt responded with Fact or Fiction.

Alexander Witt

It was backbreaking. He scored Slay, Peek and Island over Slay, Cephalid Coliseum. He removed six cards to save his 'Tog, then Slew the Wurm. He drew a second, which took care of the Spellbane. Now with tons of card advantage, he was free to brutalize. OMS tried to generate resistance, but the 'Togs were unstoppable. They were on to Game 3.

Witt had to throw back a one-lander for Game 3, with OMS kicking off. Fortunately, OMS had no turn-one accelerant. He chose to make a Kavu Titan on turn two, and lost a forest to Witt's Ravenous Rats. Next turn, Spellbane Centaur added to the beats.

Witt had only Salt Marsh for his third land, and so spent his turn Opting twice. OMS brought him to thirteen and made a Call of the Herd token. Slay dispatched the Centaur. OMS swung again, putting Witt to eight, and flashed his Call back.

Witt pinned his hopes on Psychatog. OMS played Ice and attacked, taking down the Rats and putting Witt to three. Next turn, Witt scooped.

Final Result: Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz defeats Alexander Witt 2-1

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz

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Alexander Witt

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Sideboard (15)
1 Recoil 1 Repulse 4 Slay 4 Aether Burst 4 Ravenous Rats 1 Touch of Invisibility

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