Grand Prix–Brussels: Day 1 Coverage Archive

Posted in Event Coverage on March 27, 2010

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Saturday, 12:16 p.m. – You've Got to Flight for Your Right to Party

by Event Coverage team

European Grand Prix being what they are, there is a very real chance that one will find oneself having to battle through an inordinate number of rounds to make it into the prizes. While Grand Prix Brussels has tipped the scales at a mere 1,667 players (still the biggest Standard tournament ever) having 3 byes is something that most would aspire to, even if few achieve it.

The pros are rightly resting n the laurels of past successes for the first 3 rounds today, as are those who were able to win through in a Grand Prix Trial. The last of these trials came in 20 flights on Friday. These tournaments would be a last chance to hone decks, and win a few precious byes in the event.

Many might have predicted such a string of tournaments would be a bit of a Jundfest. While there were plenty of copies of the deck being played, only 6 scored the byes. In fact the metagame of winners is stunningly diverse. If you are looking for some fun decks to play in standard, you could do a lot worse than scrolling down right now.

Stijn van Gethem


Mikhail Stroon


Johnathan Gott


Tomas Gomez


Paul Weidermann


Ondrej Hajala


Eskil Myrenberg


Tomasz Figarski


Johan Dewez


Elias Watsteldt


Tim Bizot


Gonzague Allouchery


Christian Von Kalkstein


Anssi Alkio