Grand Prix Antwerp Photos

Posted in Event Coverage on March 2, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
The French finalist, Florent Jeudon Sunday Players
A fresh six-time Grand Prix winner Sunday Players
Kai Budde and his trophy Sunday Players
A lonely Sideboard crew, Nele Van der borght and Craig Jones Sunday Staff
The other side of the top 8 draft table Sunday Players
One site of the top 8 draft table, squeezing through to have a peek Sunday Players
Kai Budde Sunday Players
Florent Jeudon Sunday Players
The final match Sunday Players
Kai Budde versus Wolfgang Eder in the semifinals Sunday Players
Florent Jeudon versus Mattias Jorstedt in the semifinals Sunday Players
Wolfgang Eder in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Arjan Van Leeuwen in the quarterfinals. In the background Gis Hoogendijk and Wessel Oomens do something funny Sunday Players
Mattias Jorstedt in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Christophe Lippert in the quarterfinals, followed closely by German supporters Sunday Players
Dirk Baberowski in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Roger Dane, Raphaël Lévy and Olivier Ruel follow the quarterfinal Jeudon vs. Baberowski Sunday Players
Jos Schreurs in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Kai Budde in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert Sunday Players
Florent Jeudon Sunday Players
Mattias Jorstedt Sunday Players
Dirk Baberowski Sunday Players
Arjan van Leeuwen Sunday Players
Jos Schreurs Sunday Players
Kai Budde Sunday Players
The top 8 Sunday Players
The best eight players of Grand Prix Antwerp Sunday Players
The top 8 outside Sunday Players
The judges team Sunday Staff
The judges team enjoying a view over the river Schelde Sunday Staff
Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk Sunday Staff
Nicolaï Herzog Sunday Players
Pete Norris Sunday Players
Rafaël Lévy Sunday Players
Farid Meraghni versus Noah Boeken, two of a kind Sunday Players
Gabriel Nassif has a doubt Sunday Players
Sigurd Eskeland and Marco Blume testing the decks they made next to one another Sunday Players
Cathy "Hup Holland!" Nicoloff Sunday Staff
Christoph Lippert Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert versus Frank Karsten in the last round before the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Johan Kennes battling to get into top 8 and missing it Sunday Players
Daniel Zink Sunday Players
Mattias Jorstedt, one of many Swedes who made the trip Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert versus Arjan van Leeuwen Sunday Players
Arjan van Leeuwen is considered a good player in the Netherlands but he hardly ever crosses the country border Sunday Players
Eva invites the one South African of the tournament, Steve Gerson, to play at side events Sunday Players
Over the weekend, 77 side events were run, all of which drafts in Asian Odyssey/Torment Sunday Players
Wizards of the Coast, Belgium invited all its suppliers for a drink. The man in the foreground is Willie Mitchell, head of the Belgium office Sunday Staff
Franck Canu versus Florent Jeudon, all French Sunday Players
Franck Canu Sunday Players
Kai Budde versus Jim Herold, all German Sunday Players
Florent Jeudon Sunday Players
Jim Herold Sunday Players
The Intrafin crew Sunday Staff
Avon specialises in land cards Sunday Staff
The artist John Avon Sunday Players
First stint as a Sideboard reporter, Wessel Oomens covering the draft of Arjan van Leeuwen Sunday Players
Kai Budde closely followed by Roger Dane Sunday Players
Marco Blume and Sigurd Eskeland at the second draft of the day Sunday Players
Rune Horvik recently became a level 4 judge Sunday Staff
Kamiel Cornelissen Sunday Players
Patrick Mello Sunday Players
Wilfried Ranque Sunday Players
Alexander Witt versus Kamiel Cornelissen Sunday Players
Alexander Witt Sunday Players
Jim Herold Sunday Players
Patrick Mello versus Jim Herold in round eleven Sunday Players
Ben Ronaldson versus Han Tesselaar in round eleven Sunday Players
Patrick Mello Sunday Players
Yet another strong matchup, Kai Budde facing Alexander Witt Sunday Players
Joost Vollebregt versus Patrick Mello Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert, without an -e Sunday Players
Gabriel Nassif got on the gravy train in one week by coming second at Grand Prix-London and Pro Tour-New York with 'Les Plus Class' Sunday Players
Kai Budde: "A real shame that Pro Tour Boston is on the same date as Grand Prix Hamburg, you'll have to do without your star player." Sunday Players
Local hero Jan Doise felt like dying his hair blue today Sunday Players
It seems Frank Karsten always carries his decks around in little pen cases Sunday Players
See Jelger Wiegersma's Llawan on the table Sunday Players
Daniel Zink in a good mood Sunday Players
Kamiel Cornelissen listening to the Sideboard reporter Sunday Players
Almost missed this splendid matchup: Kai Budde versus Kamiel Cornelissen Sunday Players
Sunday, March 3 and the draft is underway Sunday Players
The draft of Jan Doise and Jelger Wiegersma is being followed by Stan van der Velden Sunday Players
Frank Karsten Sunday Players
Sigurd Eskeland Sunday Players
Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk calls the draft Sunday Staff
Craig Jones is the Sideboard's reporter this weekend Saturday Staff
Daniel Zink pensive but determined Saturday Players
Pro Tour Mattias Jorstedt Saturday Players
Mattias Jorstedt versus Daniel Zink in the last round of the day Saturday Players
Gabriel 'tres class' Nassif has 'protection from English' Saturday Players
Ben Ronaldson, so unlucky to be exactly that: English Saturday Players
There's Michael Kastberg, a judge who has no shame Saturday Staff
Then there's Nicolas Bataille who is a little bit more sneaky Saturday Staff
Farid Meraghni versus Jan Doise, and look who's reporting Saturday Players
Tom van de Logt versus Bram Snepvangers Saturday Players
Farid Meraghni did not claim to be Jan Doise's friend Saturday Players
Jan Doise casting a spell over his hand Saturday Players
'Sideboard tech' gave Tom van de Logt this match Saturday Players
Bram Snepvangers has a fairly good deck but his mana was a little sketchy according to his opponent Saturday Players
Mattias Kettil pondering over a difficult question Saturday Players
Pete Norris from England Saturday Players
Now here is somebody who believes in himself, Frank Karsten Saturday Players
German Champion Daniel Zink wanted a quick kill and finished Cornelissen Saturday Players
His win at Grand Prix Heidelberg broke the spell for Kamiel Cornelissen, who was considered one of the Netherlands' best players without a victory until then Saturday Players
Alex Witt had a marvelous 2001 Saturday Players
Victor van den Broek versus Alexander Witt, the strong Dutch breed Saturday Players
Jan Doise - who is usually the one to take the beatings from his pals for being too hyper, too talkative, too young - is definitely the one handing out the beatings today Saturday Players
Jelger vs. Stefan Meyer in round 5 Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel vs. Wilfried Ranque in round 4 Saturday Players
A soon-to-be Sideboard reporter, Olivier Ruel Saturday Players
Wilfried Ranque, smiling in memory of San Diego Saturday Players
Stefan Meyer took the amateur prize at Grand Prix Vienna last year despite being previously qualified for a Pro Tour as an absent team-mate had prevented him from competing. He took the winner's trophy too Saturday Players
Three weeks ago Jelger Wiegersma made top 8 in Heidelberg. In for a second time? Saturday Players
An all-Swedish feature match, Punisher team mates Jens Thoren versus Anton Jonsson Saturday Players
Benedikt Klauser, no longer a member of the Godzilla team Saturday Players
Somebody should tell Ben Ronaldson purple and orange don't match Saturday Players
Anton Jonsson took a beating in round four Saturday Players
Jens Thoren came second at Pro Tour-New Orleans Saturday Players
Pretty in pink Saturday Players
Judges out to lunch Saturday Staff
Kai Budde is in the house Saturday Players
Another match of big names with byes, World Champion Tom van de Logt versus one of Belgium's best players Jan Doise Saturday Players
Worth a feature match if these guys wouldn't have had three byes: Benedikt Klauser versus Marco Blume. Also in the picture is Grand Prix Vienna winner, Stephan Meyer Saturday Players
Gary Wise looks forward to mana screw Saturday Players
Dirk Baberowski, one of the reputed Phoenix Foundation members Saturday Players
German André Delere has attended his share of Pro Tours Saturday Players
Menno Dolstra qualified for Pro Tour London in 1999 after he followed the Magic Summer Camp where Eskeland was teaching Saturday Players
Sigurd is best known for conquering the 'Lin Sivvi' Pro Tour of New York 2000 with a Rising Waters deck Saturday Players
Two ladies for table 100 Saturday Players
Magic is for all ages Saturday Players
Gert Coeckelberg made Top 8 at Euro's 2000 and came second in last year's National Championships, definitely one of Belgium's top players Saturday Players
Sinan Bolca, the reigning Belgian Champ Saturday Players
Utter concentration Saturday Players
Still in doubt over his colours Saturday Players
The noice of opening deck boxes is hypnotising Saturday Players
Count the colours, it's pretty windy up here... Saturday Site
The place to be for this weekend Saturday Site
More than one person at this table does not want to be spotted at this event. We wonder why Saturday Staff
Would she be here for registration or is she part of the fashion photo shoot crew that was here half an hour ago? Saturday Players
The first to register Saturday Players
Judges Rune Horvik and Bruno Barracosa are well on time Saturday Staff
Sideboard is stealing the view Saturday Site
Ann Van Dam and Glen Monica have not figured out yet how to make three equally long strings of rope Saturday Staff
Han Tesselaar, always happy to lend a hand Saturday Staff
Wizards' Glen Monica does not seem too impressed with Antoine Rottiers' testing Saturday Staff
Black is big Saturday Site
Not quite the Rio Grande: the river Schelde next to the site Saturday Site
Antwerp's pride in the background, the cathedral Saturday Site
Impressive skies Saturday Site
Once a warehouse for whiskey, this place has also housed the Red Star Line shipping company, the ships of which crossed the seven oceans. A place with a history of more than three centuries Saturday Site
Hangar 26 in the old part of the Antwerp harbour Saturday Site

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