Grand Prix Barcelona Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on March 23, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Caption Day Category
Franck Canu Sunday Players
Raphaël Levy Sunday Players
Carlos Barrado Sunday Players
Reinhard Blech Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel Sunday Players
Christoph Lippert Sunday Players
Stan van der Velden Sunday Players
Noah Boeken Sunday Players
The top 8 of Grand Prix Barcelona Sunday Players
The top 8 and a big wooden submarine Sunday Players
Noah Boeken, broken again Sunday Players
Final match between Christoph Lippert and Noah Boeken Sunday Players
Christophe Lippert, angel in disguise Sunday Players
Portuguese Bruno Barracosa table judges the semifinal match between Christoph Lippert and Carlos Barrado Sunday Players
The semifinals between Olivier Ruel and are judged by Jesper Nielsen Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel and check each other's deck before the semifinals. Stan van der Velden keeps an eye on Noah; Sideboard reporter Rui Oliveira is following Olivier Sunday Players
Lots of people follow the draft Sunday Players
The Top 8 at the draft Sunday Players
The best judges team ever! Sunday Staff
Xavier Petit lost in round ten and dropped after round thirteen - but he doesn't lose his smile Sunday Players
A croissant for everyone this morning, to make up for the confusion on the start of day two Sunday Players
Florent Jeudon and a munching Frédéric Courtois Sunday Players
The loose hands of Antoine Ruel Sunday Players
Ivan Aranzana covers the feature match of Carlos Barrado in round ten Sunday Players
The match between and Arjan van Leeuwen in round nine ended in a draw Sunday Players
Diego Mata is carefully watching his opponent Sunday Players
Diego Mata is carefully watching his opponent Sunday Players
Press coverage from out of space Sunday Players
David Sevilla, a well-appreciated Spanish level two judge and Sideboard reporter Juan Tavira Sunday Players
Arjan van Leeuwen, "Have I got a surprise for you" Sunday Players
Not hiding underneath a cap this time, Sergio Parra Sunday Players
Sergio Parra versus Diego Mata, a feature match of undefeated Spanish players Sunday Players
Miguel Folgado Sr, and not one of his kids for a change Sunday Players
Coming fifth at Grand Prix Antwerp a couple of weeks ago, Arjan van Leeuwen is no longer an unknown player Sunday Players
Portuguese Tiago Chan did not make day two but stayed in the running until the very last moment Sunday Players
A concentrated Diego Mata proves that exercise pays off Sunday Players
A tired looking Ricardo Guerra at the end of day 1 Saturday Players
Carlos Gomez Villota was undefeated... until round 8 Saturday Players
Friedrich Rademacher and Alberto Urdiales only have eyes for the game Saturday Players
Franck Canu from France vs.local Sergio Parra, a popular match in the last round of the day Saturday Players
French rising star Farid Meraghni vs. reporter Omar Sagol Saturday Players
The real Rodman? Saturday Players
Sideboard's Nele Van der borght in high spirits Saturday Staff
"Mossieur" Canu throws a glance at the camera Saturday Players
Eloi Cabacas has a perfect 6-0 record, without having any byes. Notice South-African Dennis Battiscombe in the background Saturday Players
Adolfo Hernandez, probably only one point away from day two at this moment Saturday Players
"Play faster, Noah" says Head Judge Marc Hernandez Saturday Staff
That is one very big camera - Rune Horvik, a shy scorekeeper Saturday Staff
There's only one person who brings chocolate filled koala bears back from Japan Saturday Players
An animated Amiel Tenebaum Saturday Players
"Le chattard" Christophe Haim "...and on top of that, he seems to know how to play" according to Tenebaum, his opponent Saturday Players
Stan van der Velden is almost scared to let go of his card Saturday Players
Round six features current European Champion Eivind Nitter Saturday Players
Alexa Koen, Mati Ganzalez and Oscar Boy from the Devir office in Spain Saturday Staff
Jelger Wiegersma doing what the Dutch seem to do for a living these days: making a killing at tournaments Saturday Players
Juan Vidal from Spain in the feature match spotlights for the first time Saturday Players
Carlos Barrado shaking it Saturday Players
Spanish Raul Mestre surprised everyone by making Top 8 at Grand Prix Valencia in January last year. By now he is far more experienced... Saturday Players
Spain's pride and glory, Roc Herms, Carlos Barrado and Alex Menal Saturday Players
"Le" Marc H. sipping his juice or how a Head Judge can look innocent Saturday Staff
The catering staff - we're fans Saturday Staff
Nicolaï Herzog, confusing life totals cost him the match Saturday Players
If that isn't the world biggest grin - Helmut Summersberger Saturday Players
What you don't see are Raphaël Gennari's flashy blue shoes Saturday Players
Florent Jeudon bites his lip over a tough decision Saturday Players
The feature match area Saturday Players
Portuguese threesome: Frederico Bastos and a swinging Rui Mariani, who follow the feature match Friedrich Rademacher is covering Saturday Players
Speaking Spanish, Randy Gallegos feels at home in Barcelona Saturday Staff
The first round of the day, on the foreground Ed Fear Saturday Players
Successful French players enjoying their byes, from left to right: Christophe Haim, Amiel Tenebaum and Florent Jeudon Saturday Players
Pedro Arnal and Xavi Gracia of the Devir website take their job very serious, here they are discussing the spelling of each other's names Saturday Staff
Spanish coverage on Juan Herraiz so embarrassed about his colleague Alberto Urdiales, who goes nuts over his computer Saturday Staff
Patrick Mello seems pleased with his deck Saturday Players
Lucio Moratinos received a set of fine cards really but will need lots of luck with his mana draws Saturday Players
Nice to see little Miguel Folgado back, his last Grand Prix was Biarritz Saturday Players
A Spanish version of Jester's Cap, may it bring him good luck Saturday Players
Stan van der Velden doesn't believe in his deck. Will he be doing Sideboard coverage tomorrow? Saturday Players
The sacred start of a Sealed tournament Saturday Players
Eugene Okine and Yuri Marking came all the way from Russia to get a tan Saturday Players
Judges have varied tasks, here's one being a watch dog Saturday Staff
With the museum next door, security staff is letting people in twenty at a time only, so there is no need to rush Saturday Site
The registration is running smoothly Saturday Site
Eight o'clock and the crowds enter Saturday Players
Next to the port and the Maremagnum, reason enough to wear a funny hat. Magic players? Site Players
A unique example of civil Gothic architecture, waiting to be filled with endless rows of tables Saturday Site
A charming little garden still quiet Saturday Site
The Maritime Museum is next door, as you might have noticed Saturday Site
Grand Prix Barcelona is held in the former Royal Shipyards of the Drassanes Reials, where vessels were constructed for the Catalano-Aragonese crown Saturday Site
Rigging Saturday Site
Card inspiration or not? Saturday Site
Row, row, row your boat Saturday Site
The Ramblas, "the only street in the world which you wish would never end", according to some Saturday Site
BCNeta makes sure our kitten doesn't dirty the place Saturday Staff

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