Grand Prix Hong Kong 2013 Day 1 Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on October 19, 2013

After nine rounds of intense competition battling a plethora of minotaurs and pegasuses and centaurs and griffins and hydras and sphinxes and cyclopes and whatnot, only four players remain undefeated!

Leading the pack are Grand Prix Beijing Top 4 competitor, Wong Wei Quan, fellow Singapore Ng Soon Lye, Yu Hung Yi as well as Christopher Tong. These few players are promised a good night's sleep and a much easier path to the Top 8 tomorrow.

However, their voyage will not be without bumps. Closely behind are Pro Tour Veterans Stanislav Cifka (9), Martin Juza (16), Ken Yukuhiro, Yuuta Takahashi, Shouta Yasooka, Chen Liang and Shuhei Nakamura (7), all at remarkable 8-1 records. Yuuya Watanabe (5) has also managed to scrape a 7-1-1 result despite his bout of illness.

A slew of talented players are also spotted at the 7-2 record, including Kelvin Chew, Li Bo, Huang Hao-Shan, Chanpleng Weranart, Leong Ding Yuan and former World Champion Antti Malin.

128 players will return tomorrow for six rounds of booster draft, before a new Top 8 is born. Will the locals be able to defend their hometown or will they succumb to the foreign invasion?


Grand Prix Trials Winning Decklists

by Chapman Sim & Noel Neo

Teemu Myllynen

Download Arena Decklist

Zhang Meng Qiu

Download Arena Decklist

Hyun-Myung Park

Download Arena Decklist

Lu Chao

Download Arena Decklist

Ivan Cheung

Download Arena Decklist

Li Cheuk Yin

Download Arena Decklist

Huong Chong

Download Arena Decklist

Zheng Wang

Download Arena Decklist

Kaman Lo

Download Arena Decklist

Steven Setya

Download Arena Decklist

Michael Stevens

Download Arena Decklist

Billy Jr Gragasin

Download Arena Decklist

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – Country Breakdown

by Chapman Sim
Country # of Players
Hong Kong 333
China 241
Singapore 92
Philippines 67
Taiwan 58
Japan 46
Thailand 33
South Korea 22
Malaysia 22
United States 17
Indonesia 12
Australia 11
Russian Federation 9
Canada 7
France 3
Sweden 2
Northern Ireland 2
Macau 2
Finland 2
Czech Republic 2
Spain 1
New Zealand 1
Netherlands 1
Kazakhstan 1
Italy 1
Hungary 1
England 1
Total 989

Saturday, 11:25 a.m. – Sealed Deck Building Exercise #1: The Pool

by Noel Neo

Below is the Sealed pool that gave a yet unnamed pro much food for thought today. Featuring sufficient depth for all five colours to be playable, the deck construction process had to consider not just which cards within specific colours to play but also which decks and strategies to pursue.

Would the pro opt for Red-White: Fast and Aggressive with two copies each of Wingsteed Rider, Ordeal of Purphoros and Akroan Hoplite; or would he be drawn to Control Black with Abhorrent Overlord, Keepsake Gorgon, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Sip of Hemlock and Lash of the Whip? And if he does choose Black, would it be supported with Blue for Griptide and Thassa's Emissary or Green for Sedge Scorpion, Fade into Antiquity and Artisan's Sorrow?

Discuss what you think is the best option with this pool and check back later today to find out what our pro went with!

View the card pool below or go here to start building your own deck from the pool!

Unnamed Pro

Download Arena Decklist